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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


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Countdown Till Hartford Full and Half! 
Everyone is hereby notified that the anti-rain dance officially begins

Monday, September 28, 2015

Wolf Den Dash

On Sunday Adam, Mike and Lee ran the Wolf Den Dash, an 8 mile trail race in Pomfret, CT. The gal in the middle is Robyn Errickson, a Newington neighbor. We decided to run it together and not race. It was a very challenging course. And very beautiful. My average pace was 13:50. Nuf said?! Walked a lot of it. Fell four times. Didn't get hurt. There was a  yellow jacket nest somewhere near the 3+ mile mark and she got nailed twice, I got stung once.

Here's a picture of one of the rock formations we saw. This picture was not taken yesterday, thus the lack of green etc.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hogsback and Wolf Den Dash

Adam's doing both.  Here's what he had to say about the Sunday race (Wolf Den Dash in Promfret)

"I ran a tough trail race last year in Pomfret, and I'm going to repeat it this Sunday. If you like trail running you will love this."

"Israel Putnam Wolf Den is a historic site off Wolf Den Road in Pomfret, Connecticut. At this location in 1742, Israel Putnam shot and killed Connecticut's last known wolf. The site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985." Wikipedia

My Run 169 Towns friend Shell Bee is directing the Wolf Den Dash. You can run 4 or 8 miles. She designed an awesome knit hat.

The day before, this Saturday, is HTC's Hogsback 1/2.

I'll be running two loops at Reservoir 3 this Friday evening starting at 4:30 with Kevin Mason and Amy Ciccarillo and possibly Tray. Join us if you can.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Haven

It's been awhile since ...

Instead of running 20,000 meters on Monday, Lee spent $20,000 on a 2012 Subaru Legacy sedan. It's red. In mint condition. Will pick it up in Vernon this week. Like running shoes, he keeps cars waaaaay too long. His Accord is 19.

Full results of the 20K are at


Mike, Lani, Lea and Barbara ran the 20K. Go Barbara!

1208 34 2051 Taricani Michael 61 M Burlington M60-64 2:02:23 1:01:07 2:03:19 9:56
1311 121 1187 Crown Lea 38 F Meriden F30-39 2:05:28 1:02:19 2:06:35 10:12
1433 81 859 Ralston Lani 44 F Granby F40-44 2:09:53 55:55 2:10:57 10:33
1776 4 52 Kream Barbara 67 F Avon F65-69 2:37:52 1:13:57 2:38:55 12:48

Molly Huddle won the women's race. She's from Linda'a area and we've been following her story for the last few weeks. Lori Riley wrote a great article on her on Sunday.

32 1 1 Huddle Molly 31 F Providence OVRALF 1:06:26 33:16 1:06:26 5:21

John Minervino killed it.

140 7 1535 Minervino John 52 M Higganum M50-54 1:21:46 40:13 1:21:49 6:35

As did Paul.

293 26 1309 Baldini Paul 43 M North Haven M40-44 1:32:33 46:20 1:32:54 7:29

I learned about these two guys' times from a new friend Bill Liebler who sought my advice pre race on the wisdom of running at an 8:15 pace. He was 5 minutes ahead of me at the Bristol 1/2, is younger etc. etc. Looking at my last year's New Haven time etc. etc. I told him I thought that might be a bit unrealistic and that 8:25 might be wiser. He killed it. (Time below).

Larry Regan killed it.

320 32 1503 Regan Lawrence 49 M Wallingford M45-49 1:33:51 46:05 1:34:04 7:35

491 41 1633 Liebler William 42 M Southington M40-44 1:40:48 50:42 1:41:15 8:09

Wanda and Andy crossed together. Wanda was a pacer.

894 36 1075 Hodsen Wanda 44 F Wethersfield F40-44 1:52:27 56:44 1:53:07 9:07
895 88 749 Zyrek Andrew 47 M Manchester M45-49 1:52:27 56:42 1:53:07 9:07

On the 5K side, Karen Prado placed 1st in the 45-49 division. Impressive!

343 1 3679 Prado Karen 49 F Wethersfield F45-49 22:45 22:54 7:22