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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hogsback and Ray Crothers Memorial 5k

Lea and Michael ran Hogsback this morning.

Lee ran the Ray Crothers Memorial 5k.

Larry Chaves placed 1st and Lee placed 2nd.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fall Frolic 2016

Tray likes to call it this (as does Lee) but I think the official name has morphed into Fall Distance Festival. Linda took a few pix and fed us water and gatorade at the 10k split point.

This is my friend Andie.

And of course Jim.

This would be Lee and Tray. Lighten up, us!

Lee ran a measly 2 loops. Tray and Joe 3 (Joe and Lee finished simultaneously ... you do the arithmetic). Sherry saved Tray from dehydration w/ an A&W root beer in front or Marty's place. Joe talked to the winner who explained his coach's recommendation: run 1st 4 easy, middle 10 fast, last 4 easy. Joe asked "What's easy?" Winner said "6s." "Fast?" Winner: "5:20s." Not sure I have this exactly right but basically I am close.

Brent wanted to come but could not due to back problem. Missed him.

Lea did awesome.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wickham Final Night

Brent and Lee ran the final Wickham Park XC race last nite. Bekkie Wright was honored for all her work. She and Joe are moving to NY state. She will be missed.

106 21:13 Brent Stratton M 60 M60-69 965
120 22:36 Lee Bradley M 74 M70+ 109

Lee placed 2nd overall in the best 4 out of 5


Brent coming up the final hill 

Lee and Ray Prest

 Sam Lewbel takes out Lee Bradley on the final ascent

Mena Shehata took this one

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Canton Lobster Loop 5k

Linda's cousin Mary took some pix today at this race. Thanks Mary! Awesome job! Here's a sample.

From left to right: 

Tom Butterfield 80M M8099 Windsor CT 29:41 9:33 1/2 34
Patty Carton 78F F7079 Stratford CT 36:39 11:47 1/2 371
Guy Pulino 71M M7079 Moodus CT 29:16 9:25 3/5 287
Heath Leber 30M M3039 Bristol CT 21:05 6:47 2/16 123
Brent Stratton 60M M6069 Middletown CT 25:18 8:08 2/14 196
Lee Bradley 74M M7079 Newington CT 28:45 9:15 2/5 23
Sharon Reiner 60F F6069 Marlborough CT 26:58 8:40 1/7 220

Lee coming in

Lee, Tom and Guy

Lee's Garmin:

The essentially out and back course has a decent hill. Pretty muggy conditions. 


Brent and Lee are doing the final Wickham tomorrow nite.

And ... tada ... the Zagata / Stratton SHOWDOWN is scheduled for next Sunday
in Old Wethersfield. Be there!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Acorn #2, done.

Wanda and Lee ran in the final Fun Run in Newington last nite. She placed and he got (what another friend described as) a "Cal Ripken" award for perfect attendance.

Lee finishing with Caroline Wawrzynowski. Her Mom, Susan, is behind us and her Dad, John, finished a long time ago. Her sister, Lisa, who usually runs, is returning from Iceland this weekend.

Lee's handmade acorn trophy (his 2nd)

Wanda finishing

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Anchor Down

Our very own Michael Taricani will be running the 24 hour Anchor Down Ultra this weekend in Rhode Island. May he do well. We are *all* behind you.


Runner Check-In: Fri, August 19, 5:00-6:40 PM
Pre-Race Meeting with RD: Fri, August 19, 6:40 PM
Pre-Race Picture of all ADU Competitors: Fri, August 19, 6:50 PM
Race Starts (ALL races): Fri, August 19, 7:00 PM
6-Hr Ends: Sat, August 20, 1:00 AM (Awards presented immediately.)
12-Hr Ends: Sat, August 20, 7:00 AM (Awards presented immediately.)
24-Hr Ends: Sat, August 20, 7:00 PM (Awards presented immediately.)