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Saturday, November 27, 2010

11/27/10 Update

In true Brickyarder fashion, 7 of us (Rose, Lee, Mary, Tracy, Kelsey, Peter, and myself) showed up this am for a run/walk - all at different times. I think it's a pretty safe bet that none of us did the same exact pace or distance either! It's getting pretty cold these days, but future plans are really heating up: Santa's Run, Mitten Run, Roxbury Half, Colchester Half, HTC Winter Series, Westfield Half marathon, Lake Waramaug Ultras, NYC Marathon, Ironman Lake Placid... Rose is already planning the "2011 Thanksgiving Challenge" which involves running the Malibu Fitness 5K and then Manchester Road Race! I'm thinking there should be extra credit to anyone who cycles or runs from Farmington to Manchester...

Anyway, since Thanksgiving was just a few days ago, just wanted to say I'm thankful to be running with such a great group of people. And after 26 years of hitting the pavement, I also thank God for each day I can get up and run yet once again. I hope to have the opportunity to introduce others to running in the coming year so that they may experience this gift as well.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Lake Waramaug(Connecticut)Ultras 2011 [50K, 50 miles, and 60K] registration now open, check out their website at LakeWaramaugUltras.com

Malibu Fitness 5k photo

All dressed in black, the Brickyarders posed for a nice photo op at sunrise on Thanksgiving Day. The random person I flagged down to take the picture apparently has never used a camera before! I vaguely remember him saying he wanted to take a second photo, funny comment, as he did not actually take any, sorry.

Nice post about Bill Tribou, Lee. I don't know if anyone saw it but he was also featured in a very interesting 2pg article in the current issue of New England Runner. If I'm not mistaken he will turn 90 in a few weeks!

Animal sighting on the Rails to Trails in Granby: unfortunately it was not a moose, but did see a bear on my run this am! Who knows what we'll see on Saturday, see everyone around 8- Lani

Update by Lee - grabbed some pix from Malibu photographers today (12/1/2010). When am I ever going to remember what Marty Schaivone always reminds us *not* to do at the finish line?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Malibu Results

38 599 Kelsey Cabral     20:19 20:21  6:33 M  4/36  35/346
113 595 Lani Ralston     23:12 23:16  7:30 F  3/74  12/342
143 827 Charlie Yescott  24:19 24:21  7:51 M  1/1  120/346
168 406 Lee Bradley      24:56 24:59  8:03 M  2/20 137/346
229 910 Chip Bradley     26:46 26:48  8:38 M  5/20 169/346
301 409 Rose Famiglietti 28:27 28:31  9:11 F  2/7  102/342
469 284 Bob Davidson     32:31 32:31 10:28 M  2/3  279/346
488 646 Mary Almy        33:27 33:31 10:48 F 45/82 203/342

Complete Results

Bill Tribou runs Manchester

"We" (my brother, brother-in-law, and I) have spent no less than 15 minutes discussing this image of Bill which appeared in the Hartford Courant this morning. I had to call Bill to find out if he in fact had put his shirt on "inside out." His only comment was "I wish the photographer has told me it was on backward." I've decided to create a mirror image (above). I'm only 68 and have put my shirt on backward and inside out many times and have convinced myself it's just a case of two guys who are more interested in running than in how they dress.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Malibu 5K update

Packets picked up today for Rose, Chip, Lee, Mary, & myself. There was a problem w/Mary's registration, I was able to get a number though. They reached 600+ by 2pm, & looks like they were going to open race day registration as well! The course looks flat & fast. Last year's times were blazing fast: I think I could have placed in the Girl's Under 14 age division (a 7 year old ran my pace) but the rest would have smoked me!!! I'll be at Malibu around 6:15 am with everyone's stuff, Lani

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2011 Challenge - Long run this Saturday

It's a bit premature for this and not unlike putting up Christmas decor before the Thanksgiving turkey is even bought, let alone consumed, but Lani came up with the following idea for all Brickyarders for 2011:

Each Brickyarder should try to find a new person to join us for our Saturday morning long runs. Good luck in this effort! We can do it!

Tracy's got Roxbury half in her legs, mind and soul right now, looking for advice on hills, speed, distance, frequency, etc. She (and Kelsey and Rose) feel this Saturday's Brickyard run needs to be closer to 13.1 than 8, 'specially given the undoing of the Redo so ...

see you @ Malibu this Thursday and then ...

8 AM, Brickyard, Saturday. Long.

Oh, and yes, Lani, do pick up Lee's, Rose's, Chip Bradley's and your own packet tomorrow night at Malibu. Thanks for finding out about no day of for this race. I bet a lot of people will not know about this. I didn't and would have showed up Thursday morning to get my stuff!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Important Malibu Fitness 5K Race Info

Just an FYI to everyone- looks like there is no race day registration for this one & packets must be picked up on Wed evening.  To register on line, you must hit the very tiny underlined "or register here" link at the bottom of their web page, which takes you to LastMileRacing.com.  If anyone needs me to pick up their packet for them on Wed night just email, comment on this post, or text me- Lani

Ankle Update

Day off of work, rested yesterday so test drive of the ankle today.  Sage and I left from our house in Granby and ran up to the Southwick, Mass border and back.  Seems when I am on even ground & moving  forward, the anke is ok.  We had a pleasant and uneventful run until about mile 8,  when Sage suddenly took a flying leap and plunged into the swamp for a swim. She may be training for IronDog 2011! Our round trip distance was just over 11 miles.

I will be taking it easy but I do plan on attending the Malibu Fitness 5K on Thursday and the Brickyard Run on Saturday.  Peter will be coming on Thursday, and although he does not know it yet he will be volunteering do our race photography.  Hope to see you all there! Lani

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Undo the Redo?

Due to unforseen circumstances, your fearless leader (that would be Ms Ralston), and her marathon relay partner (that would be Mr Bradley) have decided to throw out the following idea: Undo the Redo and, instead, meet @ Brickyard next weekend (specifically Saturday, not Sunday, the day the Hogsback Redo was to have taken place). The reason for this change is, despite Lani's already feeling she could "very safely do a run / walk with Mary" only a half day after what happened last night (we'll get to this, be patient), both of us are coming up with too many reasons why it might make sense to cancel the Redo.

Lani, while probably bending over just the wrong way last night trying to plug something into a powerstrip (no, what happened does not involve any extra electrons paying her a visit, thank God) managed to do something to her right ankle which hurt a lot and which did not get better for several hours. She had it X-rayed.  "No fracture, but I popped some ligaments.  I was advised to stop running for several weeks." I won't tell you what Lani's builtin math converter did with "several weeks" but the more I thought about this turn of events the more I thought we should scrap the Redo.

In our wishywashy way, we're looking for feedback on this proposal. If there is no outcry of disappointment that we skip the Redo and just run Brickyard, then this is what we'll do. Support for this plan is further strengthened by the fact that there are at least 3 "real" (that is timed, bibbed, trophied, recorded etc.) 1/2s in the next 4 months that many of us are already penciling in: Roxbury (December 18, 2010), Colchester (February 26, 2011), Oleksak Lumber Spring 1/2 in Westfield, MA (Sunday, April 3, 2011). Limpin' Lee and Ligamentless Lani think it might be best to take it easy on Sunday the 28th (read off) and celebrate the post Turkey / Tofu Saturday at the Brick on the 27th.

We're not wimps. We're just trying to be smart (it's tough, but we can be that too).

Waddaya think Brickyarders?

Lee and Lani

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brickyarders Rock the 8K XC Challenging

A hearty group of Brickyarders took on the challenging course today at the MDC in West Hartford.  There were no broken bones or broken legs, but there was one Bloody Mary!

Kelsey (AKA Forrest Gump who ran from his house in New Britain and kept on running...) dashed across the line in 38:33.  I gave up the final sprint to Elaine Romano from the other team, much to the dissapointment of my HTC teamates finishing in 39:05.  Still recovering from NYC, what can I say???  Lee and Tracy finished together in a show of Brickyarder Solidarity in 44:01 and 44:02 respectively.  Rose brought home an age group award with her 54:08.  And Mary came across the line in 59:42, with bloody knees but so excited she was ready to do it again! Linda was volunteering in race support, and took the start photo.  I think it is one and the same photo now posted at Greystone Racing, but correct me if I am wrong.

Awesome races by everyone.

Our next race is on Thursday, which is Tofurkey Day for me and Turkey Day for everyone else, Malibu Fitness 5K in Farmington at 7:00 am (!!!)

Keep posted for details on next Sunday's Hogsback Redo, next Sunday at 10:00 am in Colebrook.  Lee and I are putting together the final race details, now.  We will post them in the next few days along with directions to the start. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

pre 8K XC running report

Tracy has been doing 10% grade running and has managed to do .5 of the 1 mile hill near her house with every intention of mastering the full mile eventually. She reports she experienced heavy breathing and some pain in a part of the lower leg she identifies as "kind of next to the shin in front" (any anatomists out there?).

She was wondering who calls her/himself a diehard runner (definition: runs every day). Best I can claim is two runs since last Saturday's Brickyard; on Tuesday I did about 5 1/2 in the Coppermill area w/ Judi and Rose and Linda (who walked) and today Rose did 12.75 and I did the last 10 with her - Coppermill again but we ventured into her daughter's area to check out a couple of mansions. Both days were slow (12 min and 11 min respectively)

Here's a Garmin link to play what the 10 miles looked like.


The XC race starts at 10 AM this Saturday so I'd say all those that plan on slipping and sliding on the leaves, tripping on the rocks and otherwise romping around in the woods might want to assemble around 9 AM in the vicinity of the Start.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

14th Annual 24 Hour Around the Lake Races

Hi Everyone!

I can't seem to help myself from scouring the internet for races.
Someone needs to stop me from running another marathon until next Fall!
I think I'm obsessed and may need an intervention.

Anyway, this is the race I mentioned to Lee and Lani. Doesn't it sound
like fun?



Sunday, November 14, 2010

Half Marathon Training Programs

Lots of talk around the Brickyard about the Half Marathon.  Rumor has it Mary is going to go for it soon.  Melody is planning to run one on her school break.  Looks like Tracy is leading a contigent out to Roxbury Half in late December, Lee is going to push the pace. If Kelsey comes, he'll probably break the world record or something. I'll be out in Grand Canyon country will probably break a leg instead! 

Anyway, found two nice programs on Runner's World as follows:  The first is a 3 day a week program, Rose was looking for something like this to reduce the risk of injury.  The second is an intermediate program.  For the maniacally inclined there is an advanced program, which averages about 50 (!!!!) miles a week- see the website and don't blame me for your injuries!  All programs can be found on the Runner's World site, under Ultimate Half Marathon Training Plan, which is an article reprint from the August 2004 issue.

Three day a week program:

(The Tuesday runs are meant to be run at 10K pace, and the tempo runs close to half marathon goal pace.)

Week Tuesday Wednesday Sat/Sun

1 4x400 3-mile tempo 6-mile long run

2 4x800 4-mile tempo 8-mile long run

3 3x1600 5-mile tempo 10-mile long run

4 6x400 6-mile tempo 6-mile long run

5 3x1600 4-mile tempo 10-mile long run

6 4x800 8-mile tempo 8-mile long run

7 6x400 6-mile tempo 10-mile long run

8 4x1600 8-mile tempo 12-mile long run

9 3x800 3-mile tempo 6-mile long run

10 4x400 2-mile tempo Half Marathon

Intermediate Half Marathon Training Program

Week M T W T F S S Total

1 M Rest
   T 1x1200 PI (400), 2x800 CI (200), 4x200 SI (200)
   W3-4 miles, or rest
   TH2x2 miles PI (800) + 4x100 S
    F Rest
    S 4 mile s + 4x100 S
    S 8-9 miles                                         26-30 miles

   M Rest
   T 1x1200 PI (400), 2x800 CI (200), 4x200 SI (200)
   W3-4 miles, or rest
    Th 2x2miles PI (800) + 4x100S
    S4 miles + 4x100 S
    S8?9 miles (include 4:00 TUT)            26-30 miles

   M Rest
   T 2x[1200 CI (600), 800 CI (400), 400 SI (200)]
   W 2 miles
   Th 3 miles + 4x100 S
   F Rest
   S 5-K race
   S6 miles                                               24 miles

   M Rest
   T 2x1-mile, CI (800), 6x200 SI (200)
   W 3-4 miles, or Rest
   TH 4 miles PI (800), 1 mile CI + 6x100 S
   F Rest
   S 5 miles + 6x100 S
   S 10 miles, incl. 6:00 TUT                   28?32 Miles

   M Rest
   T 2x1-mile CI (800), 6x200 SI (200)
   W3?4 miles, or Rest
   Th 4 miles PI (800), 1 mile CI + 6x100 S
   F Rest
   S 5 miles + 6x100 S
   S11 miles                                            28?32 Miles

   M Rest
   T 2x[800 SI (400), 400 SI (200), 200 SI (200), 1200 PI]
   W Rest
   Th  4 miles (incl. 6x1:00 SI) + 4x100 S
   F Rest
   S 10-K race
   S 8 miles                                             30 Miles

   M Rest
   T 2x1200 CI (600), 4x400 SI (200), 4x200 SI (100)
   W 3?4 miles, or Rest
   Th 4 miles PI (800), 1x800 CI (400)2 miles PI
   F Rest
   S 6 miles + 6x100 S
   S 11?12 miles, incl. 8:00 TUT              32?36 Miles

   M Rest
   T 2x1200 CI (600), 4x400 SI (200), 4x200 SI (100)
   W 3?4 miles, or Rest
   TH 4 miles PI (800), 1x800 CI (400), 2 miles PI
   F Rest
   S 6 miles + 6x100
   S 6 miles                                             32?36 Miles

  M Rest
  T 4x400 CI (200), 2x200 SI (100)
  W 2 miles PI + 4x100 S
  Th 2x400 CI (200), 1x 200 SI
  F Rest
  S 3 miles easy
  S Half-marathon race

Pace Intervals (PI): Relatively lengthy repetitions at your goal half-marathon per-mile pace to build endurance and develop pace judgment. Note: All numbers in parentheses above denote distance of recovery jog.

Cruise Intervals (CI): Run at 10-K race pace to promote stamina and the ability to run strong when tired. For 10:00-per-mile half-marathon pace (2:11:06), run 7:07 (1200), 4:45 (800); for 9:00 pace (1:57:59), run 6:24 (1200), 4:16 (800); for 8:00 pace (1:44:52), run 5:42 (1200), 3:48 (800).

Speed Intervals (SI): Run at 5-K race pace to promote relaxed speed and a sense of comfort at your considerably slower half-marathon pace. For 10:00 half-marathon pace, run 4:30 (800), 2:15 (400), 1:07 (200); for 9:00 half-marathon pace, run 4:04 (800), 2:02 (400), 1:01 (200); for 8:00 half-marathon pace, run 3:37 (800), 1:48 (400), 0:54 (200).

Strides (S): Over 100 meters, gradually accelerate to 90 percent of all-out, hold it for 5 seconds, then decelerate. Walk to full recovery after each.

Total Uphill Time (TUT): Work the uphill sections during your run, at something near a strong 10-K effort in the total time called for.

Race Day Rules: To warm up, jog just 800 meters, then do a few fast strides. That's it. Keep your glycogen tanks topped off and your legs fresh. Divide your half like this: 10-mile run, 5-K race. Run the first mile just slower than goal pace, then work into a rhythm and run just below your lactate threshold level so you don't implode an hour out. And draft off other runners to conserve energy. Do all these things, and you'll be fine.

Age Before Beauty 5K XC Race

Managed to squeeze in a 30 mile bike ride with my mother yesterday afternoon, so needless to say planned on skipping today's race until I got an email from the "Kathyies" yesterday that without me the team could not officially score anything.

So...against my own medical advice to someone 7 days out from a marathon, I ran. Turned out to be a beautiful morning. After training for cement streets and steel bridges, I found the terrain quite challenging- and was totally out of gas by mile 1, which did not help with this killer hill at mile 1.5.

 I ran with an older pair of running shoes into which I had placed some hex-head sheet metal screws which really helped with traction through the mud, roots, leaves ect. I took some pictures of this shoe set up, as well as Chris Chisholm's official XC spikes for comparison and will try to post.

Anyway, Kathy Lyons finished just ahead of me, I threw this old sore body across the line in 22:38, and Kathy Schultz was about a minute behind me. I think we beat the Hi-Tek and Roxbury teams!  Kathy Lyons has a rivalry going with a lady named Elaine, I think she is from Hi-Tek.  Elaine beat her by seconds, so we are rooting for Kathy next week.  We saw a few other HTC runners too, including Bill Thramann, Mark Robyczynski - who run the race outright and took the picture of us above, and Chris Chisholm as previously mentioned.

All in all it was a good prep for next week's race.

Race photo above, once again I cannot seem to get the date thing fixed on my camera!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

the Roxbury Half Marathon

Hi All!

I'm not sure where this will end up or who will see it - still figuring
out the blog.

Below is the link with info. on the Roxbury Half Marathon. It is
actually on Sat., Dec. 18th, not the 11th.


By the way, I had a great time running with everyone today and seeing
more new faces. I have to say that I'm a little sore and it's all Lee's
fault. :-) Just kidding - I need to be pushed and it looks like I
found the right group for the job.


News from Dave

I tried to send a message to you via the blog link that you sent me, but it has a 300 character limit for the message, which is nothing.
That was a great run today! I loved meeting with the Brickyarders again & meeting a lot of new runners. Kelsey (spelling?) & I started at 9:54 & he kept dropping the pace, but I was feeling good. The 8th was 7:19.  He has a great running future!
This is the link to the Civil Air Patrol squadron: http://ct058.ctwg.cap.gov/
I have 12 boys & 1 girl signed up to run the 5K. I'm really excited about lining up at Blue Back Sq in our custom made running shirts!
- Dave

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bart Yasso and other stuff...

First the other stuff: Yay, Tray!! A new Brickyarder!! Can't wait to run with you, hope you can make it on Saturday.

Thanks, Lee for the PDF-what a great idea. Also thanks for figuring out how everyone can post to the blog with the email link- I hope to see a lot of new posters!

As many of you know, my NYC training program was from the July '10 issue of Runner's World, which I bought at the airport on my way to LAX this summer. It was written by Bart Yasso, the Runner's World head editor as well as the creator of the famous "Yasso 800's". Never had much luck with the Higdon and Galloway programs I followed in the past, so I thought I'd give this one a try as it was aptly titled "3:59:59 or Bust". I was pleased with the results, so thought I'd try to email Mr. Yasso directly and thank him for the great plan. Here's the very nice email I got back:


Congrats !!!!! You have to be very happy with your sub 4. NYC marathon is a tough course you will go faster someday.
I was at the finish line all day on Sunday, you ran right past me.

Check out our Runner's World Challenge if you want to take your running to the next level.

Keep up the great work.


Bart Yasso
Runner's World CRO Chief Running Officer
400 south 10th St. Emmaus, PA 18098
610-967-8276 cell # 610-393-6151


I have since gone to the RW website and checked out some of the other training plans. They are all pretty good. I have downloaded a half marathon program which I may try to follow for the Roxbury race next month. Maybe others will find a good plan there too!


If you want to send something to this blog, just use the email address teamprimalforce.brickyarders@blogger.com

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Calling all Brickyarders!

We will be running this Saturday starting at 8 AM (note new time!). Anything from 8 to 12 miles and pace is flexible.

Congrats to Ms Ralston on her sub-4 NY. Now if we could talk her into not practicing "distracted running" I think she could bring it down to a 3:50! (She texted her sister mid-run!)

I have just discovered something called Blog2Print and have, for the amazingly cheap price of $7.95, downloaded everything we've posted to this blog from its initial posting (April 2010) to Lani's NY post and put the .pdf up at


It's 14.4 MB.

Download and enjoy!


Monday, November 8, 2010

NYC Marathon Race Report

First of all thanks to all my supporters, including the Brickyarders; co-workers; Facebookers, and especially my sister Bonnie who despite having a sore throat met me at mile 7 in Brooklyn and again around mile 23 @ Columbus Circle heading into Central Park.

I saw some way crazy things out there: in Athlete's Village I met a girl from Litchfield who had her whole Twister game set up, people stripping down buck naked to apply Vaseline, a surgeon from Chile, a marathon almost every weekend guy from Frankfurt,  the Rainbow Hair runners, and a guy who ran the whole race in a cheap pair of flip flops.  Being in the Green Start Wave II had one advantage: we had a perfect view of the elite males warming up, got to see Meb, Haile, and the others live.  Our group started on the lower level of the bridge, and took an alternate route for the first 3 miles.

Tried to keep a pretty even pace the whole race, memorable sections included rejoining the Orange and Blue runners at mile 3, seeing the Chilean Miner somewhere around that time, mile 7 in Brooklyn ( see above), coming off the 59th street bridge into the massive crowds of Manhattan, the awesome spectators in Harlem, and of course that last stretch up 5th Avenue and down through Central Park. 

I spent a little time texting and calling my sister during the race, and stopped for sister hugs x 2...so I think I could have run a little faster, but that is the NYC Marathon experience!

I thought I might die after the race when I had to walk from 67th street to 77th Street to get out of the park and then turn around and walk back to 60th street to meet Bonnie, but I lived!

The picture is of me and Joan Benoit Samuelson, 1984 Women's Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist.  I was psyched to meet her as I had actually watched that race as a 14 year old kid, and right after that started running...

So who wants to run with me next year??? Registration for the 2011 race opened this morning!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Live from central park, it's a 3:59. Saw the Chilean miner @ mile 4. Great day for a run. Happy Bday Rose, congrats to all @ Jamie's Run
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Jamie's Run

Rose placed 1st in division with a 27:45. 


Lee placed 1st in division with a 23:41. It was a gorgeous, cool, windy day. Linda caught us finishing and showing off our awards.

Welcome Tracy!

It's Ms Rose's birthday today! To celebrate, she'll be doing Jamie's Run 5K in Old Wethersfield. And to "warm up" she, Kelsey, Lee and new Brickyarder Tracy Vroeginday put in about 8 yesterday at Brickyard. It was Tracy's birthday on Saturday (which makes next year's NYC marathon a perfect fit for her!) Speaking of which, our very own Ms Lani will join a couple of other runners today and cover the 5 boroughs. I'm predicting a stellar day for her.

Kelsey will be down in Wilton today, celebrating the reopening of a church his and another family founded some years back. So we'll miss him today at the 5K.

Back to Saturday. Rose ran short and then joined Linda for a walk while Kelsey, Tracy and Lee ran south for 4 then 180ed north for another 4, talking of many things, mostly it seems cats and dogs, mostly cats. More in a bit on this. With about .5 to go someone, nobody's revealing who, suggested we pick it up a bit and Mr. Cabral left us in the dust (leaves?). Tracy ran Vermont City and Hartford full, back to back, this year and is looking to improve her half marathon time. Self-described coach Lee thinks her theory that one push the pace during a training run is a perfect prescription for a PR.

Back to cats. Kelsey had pretty much of a horror story about the demise of one of the cats in his family (ask him if you really need to know) and Tracy admitted that her Zoe (on the right) is her confidante (being the only female in her family of 2 sons and a husband).

Upcoming halfs were discussed: Hogsback Re-Do (which is a Brickyarder original and will be timed only by those who run it, not on Cool Running, T-shirtless but otherwise standard fare (nourishment and awards), Roxbury half on December 11 (Roxbury, CT has a slew of races it turns out - next one up is an 11.2 next Saturday), Colchester (February) and Oleksak Lumber Spring Half Marathon (Sunday April 11, 2011 in Westfield, MA).

But I get ahead of myself. Too many races, too little time.

After Saturday's run Linda and I joined veteran runners Diane Stuart, Jo Marchetti, Barbara Lathrop, Paul Rabenold, David Reik and Judith Lohman (not pictured) and Cyndi Simpson for a reunion of sorts at the Prospect Cafe.

Live from Fort Wadsworth

It's really cold down here in Athlete's Village, but the green start is really heating up! Thousands of people from all over the world, sitting here watching the sun come up over the Verrazano Bridge. Nice ride over earlier on the Staten Island Ferry, right past the Statue of Liberty. Met Joan Benoit Samuelson yesterday which was really nice. Well, good luck to all Jamie's Run challengers. Next stop, Central Park @ West 67th in Manhattan!
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