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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Highcrest January 29, 2011

The weather was great and we had a good turnout this morning. Lani, Lea, Rose, Tracy, Kelsey, Mary and Linda ran / walked between 5 and 10 miles.

Highcrest - January 29, 2011

Welcome Lea! It was great to meet you and run with you. Have fun doing the Tradition Run tomorrow! Look forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks.

Here are a few pictures.

Click the map to "play" our run. Our actual run of 9.98 miles starts at mile 2.79 miles in the player. The preceding 2.79 miles was a short thing I did in my "backyard" on Friday.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Calling all Brickyarders (and friends)

All -

I know the weather gods have been less than accommodating of late but ... we'll be meeting @ Highcrest tomorrow @ 9 am to run the roads. I don't know about you but I personally have put in (I'm too embarrassed to even tell you) n miles this week where n, mathematically speaking, is almost lower than epsilon, where epsilon is traditionally used to represent an arbitrarily small number.

- Lee

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome, Rachel!

Five hearty souls made it to Highcrest this morning to brave the cold, wind etc. Actually, it was not that bad, especially after we'd run for a while. The sun was out, the road surface was ice-free pretty much everywhere and the company was outstanding!

Rachel Wasilewski expressed an interest just a couple of days ago in joining our group run and the Brickyard to Highcrest change didn't slow her down a bit. Tracy, Rose, Lee and she did about 10, zig-zagging all over the place. Navigator Rose kept us thinking with more turns than we have fingers to count them on. Linda soloed the route and finally made her way to the car to read while we took *way* longer to get back than we estimated.

We ran pretty slow - something like a 10 minute pace. I started my watch about 1/4 mile after we started running and then forgot to restart it after a mid-run parking lot break so I'm not sure what the time really was. Tracy estimated about 10 miles. Rose and Rachel ran a mile or so longer.

We missed Mary, Lani and Kelsey who had other commitments. Looks like next weekend is race-free so let's hope that the predicted snow for Tuesday has melted by Saturday and we all can run together at Highcrest.

The Cedar Hill 4 Miler is on Sunday, February 6. This is a Hartford Track Club Winter Series run. It starts and ends in the historic Cedar Hill Cemetery, 453 Fairfield Ave. in Hartford.

Colchester is on the 26th. I can't wait.

Another race to think about is the O'Hartford 5K on Sunday, March 20. Rose has signed up already. I think it's still $20.

Not sure if we'll be represented at tomorrow's Tradition Run but if we are, let us know how it goes! Lea Crown will be there and indicates she'll try to make an appearance next weekend @ Highcrest.

Keep running!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tradition run

Hi team, have an 11:00 appt this Saturday so a 10:00 run is not going to work out for me. Is anyone planning to go to the Tradition Run in Meriden? I think it's this Sunday. If anyone else is going I may go as well- Lani
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Peoples Forest Results and Course and this Saturday

Tom Buckley sent the results and the course map.

Amazing facts I learned: There were 66 runners, a woman won the 8.5 overall, and Affirmed beat Alydar by a full 3 minutes 2 seconds. There are other amazing facts - just study the results - there was some very decent running going on on Sunday. Thanks again Tom. They don't make a better race director.

Peoples Forest 2011 Results

Peoples Forest Course Map

The Brickyarders will be meeting this Saturday at the Highcrest school at 9 am. Hope you can make it!



Note 9 am time. I first posted this as 10 am. This is what happens when you're doing things at 3:11 am.


The results are now on Coolrunning thanks to David Reik. Quoting him, "Now, people all over the world are studying the complete set of Linda's photos of the event." The above link now takes you there.

Brickyarders have reached national stature ;-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peoples Forest 8.5 / 17 Hartford Track Club Winter Series run

Peoples Forest 2011 - Sunday, January 16

Click the above link to view a page with larger images.

Tom Buckley directed the 8.567 / 17.134 mile HTC Winter Series run this year. 66 runners came. The temperature was about 32, the road was in good shape and the sun peeked out throughout the run. Todd Brown provided water and gatorade at the 4 mile mark.

Lani, Rose, Barbara K. and Dave C. did the 1 loop course (Rose tacked on a couple of extra miles) and Lee and Tracy did the 17. We recorded our times which will be reported in the newsletter. Rose did 1:47 for 10.5. Barbara did 1:27. Condit did 1:13. Tracy crossed in 2:44 and Lee showed up 2 minutes later. Lani did a 1:09.

Linda drove, took pictures and was her usual supportive self. It was a wonderful way to spend the morning with friends.

Thanks Tom and Todd. Well done.

PS - I ran for awhile with Peter Hawley and when I learned HTC is looking for a new race director and also somebody to take the Hogsback Half, I offered to do the latter. Volunteering is something I will be doing more of this year. I will be looking for help.

Nice job, Brickyarders! I'm sure Kelsey wanted to join us. There are many more races coming up. We'll see you there!

Photos by LBrad

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In honor of the big snowstorm ... we bring you the famous Koch Snowflake, a closed curve which 1. encloses a finite area and 2. has a perimeter that is infinite.

Learn more about this project

Monday, January 10, 2011

9th Annual Bob Andrulis Memorial Run

Happy New Year everyone! I came across a relatively short race a couple of weeks before the Colchester 1/2.

9th Annual Bob Andrulis Memorial "Sweetheart"
5 mile run - 3 mile walk
Saturday, February 12, 2011 11:00 a.m.


I'm starting the new year off in a semi-running funk (might have caught Kelsey's un-motivational bug from a couple of weeks ago). :-)

Skipped Saturday's long run so went out yesterday for a 13 miler. Might have overdone it, as my right hip is killing me.

See ya soon.



Hi Lee, thanks for re activating the email link, it makes mobile updating much easier for me. I think that in order to keep the spam down we have to spell out the email link when we refer to it, for example "teamprimalforce dot brickyarders at blogger dot com" so it does not get picked up.
Anyway, Mary and I braved the winter weather in Wethersfield Sat am, not realizing Lee and Rose had already cancelled the run. We tried to run to Rose's house (and beg for coffee!) But somehow we got a bit lost. By sheer luck, we literally ran into Kim Brown and Andrea from HTC also out for a Saturday run, they have invited us on their Thursday nite 8 miler in Rocky Hill and are interested in running with us on Saturdays.
Heard Lee and Rose had planned on running Sunday over a similar route, so look forward to their update.
Hope to see everyone @ People's Forest Sunday- Lani
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This feature was disabled for awhile due to spamming. I'm still a little confused about how this works but for now, we've revived it.

- Lee

Monday, January 3, 2011

Breaking News

Hi Team,
If you get a chance, check out p. 21 of the new Runner's World issue for a story on our own Bill Tribou! I believe this is the same RW column that featured Becky and Joe in the July...we are amongst some real running stars!!!
Off to the gym, hope to see everyone on Saturday, Lani

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Joe Vailonis Memorial 5 Miler - 1/1/11

It was a beautiful day to run. The temperature was in the high 40's! Todd decided to change the course due to the snow in the meadow so we did 5 miles on the road instead. I think there were about 20 runners and the Brickyarders represented 20% of them; Kelsey, Lee, Rose and Lani. Kelsey and Lani were close at the end with times of 35:45 and 36:09. Lee took 41:49 and Rose did 49:50. A kind of mini-Asta Memorial 5 mile out and back course; long slow climb on the way out and a welcome downhill return trip.

Thanks Todd and Kim. It was great way to usher in the new year. Here are some pictures.


Bob, Karen, Brent

Kim and Todd flank 19-year-old AJ and his Mom. Note doughnuts in foreground.

Lani, Rose, Kelsey and Lee

It was great to see Peter who gave me the low down on all the courses he'll be taking at Central. 

We decided to switch from Brickyard Rd to Highcrest Rd in Wethersfield for our Saturday runs. Just north of the red A marker is Highcrest School where we can park. See you there.  Please call Rose Famiglietti 860-563-6786 for directions. This venue is flexible. We will be checking out other places in the coming weeks.

PS - Lani just emailed me and noted the awesome date: 1/1/11. It's not a prime but, check this out, 1111 = 11*101. Of course we all know that the coolest prime number is 101 (it's a palindrome and it's the 26th prime number). I don't think I have to explain why 26 is cool.

Happy New Year. Hug a Friend!