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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lani breaks all known speed records ... (wind assisted)

Lani emailed me last nite ... She wrote:

I thought you would find this amusing. I am in Charlotte, NC now.  We flew from Bradley to Detroit and then down here.  I started my GPS watch on the tarmac.

My watch thinks I ran 247.9 miles per hour at an altitude of 4,000 feet, and my fastest mile was covered in 1 second.

Somewhere around that height, I lost the signal. I started it again on descent.

I am almost 100% sure you are not supposed to do this on the plane, and 100% sure the stewardess saw me.  Oh well.

Makes for some very very interesting GPS files!  The polar program can use google earth to create videos of each workout. I am attaching the link to the descent into Charlotte. I think if you click on it, it brings you to a screen with a blue hyperlink that says "Relive".  Click that and you can see the video.

Hope all is well - Lani


I responded ...


You are too funny. Thanks so much. I think your record-breaking "workout" would make marvelous Brickyarder blog material and, with your permission, I will wrap it up and broadcast it. I look forward to visiting the link. This "workout" will surely do wonders toward your effort to get 2015 in in 2015. 

Congratulations. Rogers, Salazar, Flanagan ... Ralston!!!


She got back ...

Fine with me, I think some Brickyarders might get a kick out of it. 

Bristol 1/2

An awesome Photo Report by Linda Bradley may be enjoyed by clicking the link below!

Mike, Lea, Lee and Tray ran the Bristol 1/2 this morning. It was hot and hilly! A few runners were mislead early in the race and ended up running an extra 0.9. Big 169 presence. Larry Regan, Brian Fidler, Neil Mandel, Kevin Mason and many other friends were there. Pancakes at the end! Ryan O'Conner won it overall!

Saturday, August 15, 2015