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Saturday, February 27, 2016


Mike and Lee ran Colchester this morning. Perfect weather. 

179 388 Michael Taricani 255 M 62 17 M6069 2:08:18.9 9:48

73 366 Lee Bradley 242 M 73 1 M70+ 2:05:31.2 9:36
 Linda took some pix.

The Start



Andy, David, Karen and Michelle


Gladys, Flo








Sharon, Mena 


Sharon, Mena


Mike, Sharon



 Karen Prado, Wanda Hodsen, Michael LoPresti, David Pelletier, Michelle Bosco, Andy Zyrek ran. Most of them are running Hyannis full. Tomorrow.

 Amby Burfoot ran. Lee chatted with him a bit before the race.

 Todd Brown did a 1:39.

Lee got a free entry to a half on April 30th. The Willimantic Classic. Charlie Olbrias presented it. Big surprise. Charlie ran the race today. 1:52. He's a timer guy. Didn't know he ran!

Let's see. Oh yeah. Andy Zyrek's bib was 173. Rick Konon was kind enough to give Lee a bib that reflected his age. The good news is 173 is prime.  

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Taricani Crushes Bradley


Some are sayin' it's a sea change. Michael Taricani passed Lee Bradley on the final ascent in the Beat the Yeti 5K in Columbia, CT and Bradley was unable to make up the difference. Well done Mr. Mike.

Lee's time was 25:51 (8:32 pace).  Not sure what Mike's was but it was quicker.

Nice out and back. Karen Prado and Lee ran the course before the race. She ran the course with the Yeti (Bruce Christensen) after the race. She placed 2nd. Won handmade mittens. Did 22 and low change. A 169 love fest for sure.

Colchester. 7 days.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

16th Annual Cedar Hill Cemetery 4-Miler

Brent and Lee ran most of the second loop together. Here's what Bill Katz (RD) and David Reik (Historian and results guy) captured. 

And here are the results

Lee met several new folks. The course was totally clear. There was this little matter of the mile 2 and mile 3 signs being in the mile 3 and mile 2 spots :-)

Mr Taricani and Ms Prado were *supposed* to run it but the Trail Temptress whisked them away to Durham and Miller's Pond 5 mile.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Day, Dave!

Today we remember Dave Condit, husband, father, teacher, researcher, runner, Brickyarder. We miss you Dave.