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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hi Team

Hi quick reply from my blackberry, sorry if this comes out looking crazy. Lee are you and Linda back? The stats section of the blog you suggested I'd a good idea. We need a category for Ironman races too!!! Glad to hear we have another runner hoping to join us. I think the Meriden race is the same day as People's Forest, I was hoping to run PF again and better last year's time. Anyway, I am hoping to get to the race on Saturday however my father has been hospitalized with a fairly serious heart condition last night. He's stable now, but if th
at changes I might have to catch the red eye out to Hawaii. I'll keep everyone posted. Hope everyone has a great New Year's. Gotta get back to saving lives... Lani

Monday, December 27, 2010

News from Watkins Glen

Am at the library in Watkins Glen, NY where Linda grew up and where her parents live. Have run every day save 1 - nothing too long but lots of hills and plenty of wind / sub freezing weather. On my own on day 1 on an abbrevitated "Collier Memorial" loop (~ 8 miles), w/ brother-in-law Eric on Cass Rd and then back - never did get on the rails to trails path we wanted and had to actually "walk on water" (which was frozen) to get on the side of the creek we wanted to be on all along (~8 miles) on day 2, w/ brother Chip and Eric on day 3 (Christmas morning) (Hector Falls and back - ~ 8 miles), day off yesterday and just got back from about a 6 mile out and back (very abbreviated "Moon Valley" route). Rose called me mid run and I had to "put her down" in the snow for a minute to put my glove on - really cold out here.

Will return home tomorrow I'm pretty sure. I'm thinking it would be cool to build a little section on the blog that has 2011 Brickyarder Stats. Something like

Dave C
Dave P

             Races  Best Best  Best  Best Best Best  Best
             Run     5K    1/2   20K  full    8     15K   etc.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Last group run of 2010

Rose, Barbara, David, and myself braved the winter chill (17F when I left Granby this am) this morning for a run.  Barbara and Dave ran just over 6+, Rose ran about 9, and right as I was finishing my 11th mile...I turned to see Rose literally frozen to the pole where we traditionally start!!! Her hand finally came unstuck, and we went to D&D afterwards to thaw out.

Looks like this storm that's coming through will mark the end of our Brickyard Road runs until about the end of March.  Ideas for some winter locations were discussed today:  Dave suggested Roger's Orchard, Rose has a course in Wethersfield, I know some nice routes in Canton; Granby; and near the Bristol/Southington line.  Please post any other ideas so we can organize some runs this winter.

Hope to see everyone at the Joe Valonis race next weekend, and People's Forest on 1/16.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hey all -

I probably won't be checking back here during the holidays, as I will undoubtedly be undeniably and unaccountably busy. I've been rather mopey since our Roxbury Half, and with so much activity around the holidays it's hard to get motivated! That being said, I'm getting off my rear end to go for a run...

Something caught my eye I thought I'd share - it's just a 5k in Meriden called the "Tradition Run" on January 23, but the website made this race sound likes loads of fun. Check it out if you're interested (I'm still not sold, myself): http://www.runningpast.com/trun.htm.

So with that, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I'll try to get down to Brickyard on Sunday, but no guarantees! Relax and enjoy this time of year!

~ Kelsey

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas week update

Hi Brickyarders,

Christmas will be fast upon us, hope everyone is finding some time to fit some running around all the holiday hustle and bustle.  I am back in town, and now Lee and Linda are out of state for Christmas.  Our weekly Saturday run is pre-empted by Christmas, but if anyone is interested in running on Sunday I am planning to run about 10. The forecast is calling for cloudy skies, high of 29F, and no precipitation so our Brickyard Rd. venue should be clear.  In the event of inclement weather, Rose has a course that runs through her neighborhood that would be suitable for a group run. Post a comment here or email me directly, laniralston@msn.com if you are planning on running so we can organize.

The annual Joe Valonis New Year's Day race, traditionally the start of the Winter Series is sporting both a new distance and new location: 8 miles this year in Rocky Hill.  So far Lee, Rose, and I are planning on running. Entry fee is a $2.00 donation, and additional details can be found at the HTC website or in the newsletter. 

In the true spirit of holiday giving, I bought myself a new pair of the "minimal" running shoes ( I opted for the relatively cheap New Balance Minumus).  I have to see if all the fuss made about the midfoot strike created by these shoes really does result in faster times.  I am going for a test run now, and will let everyone know about the results in the coming weeks.

Hope everyone has a peaceful and happy holiday!


Sunday, December 19, 2010


OK Brickyarders. A new year is (almost) upon us. We've changed the race calendar on the right to have only one entry (Hartford Track Club Winter Series Joe Vailonis Memorial 8 Miler). Of course there's Colchester Half in February and Oleksak Lumber Spring Half in early April (and don't forget the 1/4 Marathon the day before).

Tracy (our internet race search queen) encourages all to post what races they are planning. To that I add, post your time goals for specific distances this year.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Come on back home Lani. As Rose's glasses say, "Live to Run!"

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Roxbury Half Report

Betsy, Tracy, Lee, Kelsey and Rose

First ever Roxbury Half for many of us. About 85 ran. It was 16 degrees at the start. Bibs, chips, fairly well marked, absolutely gorgeous course. Betsy, Tracy, Kelsey, Rose, Kate, Emmett and Rob ran. Times will be posted at http://roxburyraces.net/. Kelsey did a 1:45, Tracy and Lee crossed at 1:58 and Rose at 2:16. Everybody ran well!

Kate and Lee

Betsy finishing. Won the full, ran 30 on Friday. 4th today!

Kate, Emmett, Tracy and Lee

Kate, Betsy and Lee

The "bird's eye view" feature of Garmin Connect is really cool. Here's a link to the run.

Tracy; we did 9:01 pace. Next time, (I guess not Colchester but maybe Oleksak Lumber Spring Half in Westfield), let's try for 1:49:59.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Greetings from AZ

Good luck to all the Brickyarders running Roxbury this weekend, can't wait to read your race reports!!!

Had a successful run of the Iron King Trail today. The landscape was beautiful. I was quite pleased to find that I was able to hold my pace up here - around 6-7,000 feet in elevation in the mountains, so I hope this means I am finally recovered from marathon season.  Took a few photos on my run, and although no pictures could do this place justice, here's one I took out there.  Happy running, Lani

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Party Pix

We had a great time at Puerto Vallarta today. Twenty-four people came (a decent fraction of the total number of runners in Connecticut!) Here's a group shot (click to enlarge) :

And here are a few more shots.

Thanks for coming everybody! May 2011 be a great year to run, make friends, work, give, help, love.

Roxbury 1/2

Kelsey is OK w/ non-certified status of Roxbury 1/2 so we're on for Saturday next.

Lani, Kelsey, Linda, Lee, Rose, Tracy and Barbara (post-"do") did 10 yesterday. Tracy was chided for failing to run from parking lot to "official" start / stop which she now understands is where the trail hits Brickyard Road (Lani *always* starts and stops here so it *must* be right). Kelsey averaged about 8 min/mile and the rest of us did about 9s and 9:30s. 

Here's something I found on the Roxbury 1/2 Facebook group which should help us find the start:

"In December 2004 we closed the season with the First Ever Roxbury Marathon. We've been hosting the Roxbury Marathon ever since. We also offer a half marathon the week following the marathon. To get to the start, find the monument on Rt. 67 in "downtown" Roxbury. Go half a mile south on South Street (past Town Hall). Turn right onto West Apple Lane. The Hurlburt Recreation Area is half a mile on your right."

Looks like there'll be about 25 people at the Runners party at 1 pm. Admission to party only if you are wearing something red (Rose Rules). (Just kidding but if you have something red ...)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Freeze Running

"Sat. looks like a heat wave - in the 40s." Brickyard @ 8. Be there!

While you're not freezing your face, hands, feet, butt etc., try crossing rivers with missionaries, doctors, hunters and nurses. Watch out for the Piranha Fish.

See link at the right.

Can anybody beat my score (885)?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mitten / Santa results etc.

Mitten Results
Santa Results

Lee, Tracy, Kelsey and Barbara ran Brickyard on Saturday. Barbara ran about 8 I think and the rest of us did 15.2. Lee and Tracy (especially Lee) was pretty tired by the time 14 miles showed up and Tracy somehow missed the fact that we'd passed the parking lot on our way North (we went South, turned around, and then North) so I guess what I'm saying is the only one who had all faculties intact was Mr. Cabral. With about 500 yards to go (we were all heading South by this time), Kelsey found a gear that I don't even possess and did easily a 5:45 pace to the parking lot.

His goal for Roxury is to place in the top 5. Tracy is talking sub 2. I'm going to try for at least that.

Rose placed 2nd at Mitten and I placed 10th at Santa. Rose was on her own (as was I) and still did well. But they wouldn't let anyone stay in a warm building at her race so she was really cold all morning.

Mary and Lani hit the pool today. Mary's nursing a swollen ankle and we all wish her well in her quick recovery. XC followed by Malibu finally caught up with her.

Remember: Puerto Vallarta next Sunday at 1 for the Runners Party. I think Brickyard on Saturday at 8 will fit in well to make the weekend complete.

Attain your goals.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Upcoming weekend

Ran 10 in the hills of Newington in the wind and rain this morning. Ran to the Scottish Rite Freemasons 5K course, did the course, then ran home.

Grabbed pix of Malibu 5K and edited Lani's post.

I won't after all be a bandit or a spectator at Mitten Run this Sunday. The race starts at 10:30 and I would never make it to Glastonbury in time to run Santa's Run.

I think Kelsey and Tracy are going to run Brickyard this Saturday. Since many of us will be doing Mitten on Sunday, turnout at Brickyard might be light.

Keep running. Attain your goals.