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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Westfield 1/2

Larry ran 1:33. Sri ran 1:36. Lee ran 1:49. Patrick Pezzati ran it too. Patrick and Sri will be running Boston on the 21st.

It was a new course. Loved it! Met the race director and a gal named Vanessa whom Brent and Sri know. She added another 7 when she was done. Very personable. She's running Boston. Sri and Lee joined a bunch of his friends at The Tavern in Westfield after. Pretty stellar day all around.

Here's Lee's Garmin:

Here's what Linda took.

Joann, Larry, Lee, Linda, Sri

This is the first year they gave division awards. Lee's in for free in next year's race.

Lee finishing

Sri finishing

Larry finishing

The start

Friday, March 28, 2014

Asta / Westfield / Taper etc. etc.

The two big things I know of this weekend are the Asta Memorial Challenge and the Westfield 1/2, both on Sunday.

Sri and Lee and Larry are doing the latter and Lea, Wanda (and you?) are doing the former. Brickyard is no doubt runnable (finally!!) so if you don't race check it out.

Tracy's running well and looking at April 5 Umstead 100, a week from tomorrow.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Run or Dye!

Rose writes ...
"Lee awesome job yesterday. You did great. Congratulations!! Forget about me running with you at that  speed!" 
She attached the following ... 

I don't know if she ran this one but ... love the name! Thanks Rosie!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shamrock 5 miler in Bristol

Adam, Lani and Lee ran the 5 miler this morning in Bristol. Adam crushed it with a 38 and low change. Lee was just under 40 minutes. Lani was 42 and low change. Linda took some awesome pix.

Lea ran the 5K in Meriden ("2nd woman overall and 1st place in my age group in today's inaugural Walk for Warmth 5k in Meriden. 25:02, 11th overall.") Mike ran long in his neighborhood. Tray ran longish in hers.

 Lee, Adam, Tom, Richard, Ben

Lee, Lani

The start!

Adam finishing

Adam finishing 

Dean Bolt finishing

Lee finishing

Lani finishing

Kathy Scotti, Linda and Dean

Kathy Scotti

Ryan O'Connor

Dean Bolt


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Saturday plans

I'm planning a long run on Saturday. Hopefully 20+ miles into Bristol/Plainville starting at 5am so I can finish mid morning. Not running the Bristol Shamrock this year as I am focused on finishing Waramaug faster than last year and need to get some serious long runs in.  -Mike

Michael C. Taricani
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I will be there in Sunday (hopefully). Running a 5k on Saturday.  -Lea

On Thursday, March 20, 2014, Team Primal Force <teamprimalforce@gmail.com> wrote:
I just went by the Rails to Trails near the VDP. About 40% covered by scattered piles. It should be OK to run by the weekend if temps are in the 40's today and tomorrow.  -Mike

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Trail condition

I just went by the Rails to Trails near the VDP. About 40% covered by scattered piles. It should be OK to run by the weekend if temps are in the 40's today and tomorrow.  -Mike

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Monday, March 17, 2014


Short: I ran personal best 3:14:55 marathon, by going by effort instead of gps watch, didn't want to know my pace on downhills if I was going fast.
Long: I had petty good week, with 2:24 hilly Stu's 30 part of high intensity and high mileage week. It gave me confidence that I could do sub 3:20 on a course playing to my strengths. Two Rivers marathon is mostly downhill for 12 mi, then flatish out and back. The back part was with strong tail winds. There were about 24 ahead of me at turnaround when I cranked up a notch after being a little conservative in head winds. Passed at least 10 to finish 13th overall out of 114 finishers. I was a little surprised to see sub 3:15 while I was expecting under 3:20. Either I put a lot in the bank on downhills, which comes easy for me or the course was a little short. My enthusiasm is a little muted, I would have been thrilled if it were 3:19:xx as I expected.

Hope to maintain my fitness next few weeks, really looking forward to Boston marathon to set a new course PR there.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Naugatuck Ion Bank 10k today

I'm running the Naugatuck Ion Bank 10k this morning so I won't be at Rogers Orchard. Adding another new town to my "169" list. -Mike

Michael Taricani

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Rogers Orchards, take two

The weather is changing and it looks like the greenway will soon be runnable again. But ... not quite yet. So ... if you want to run Rogers Orchards tomorrow, a few of us will be there. Start time: 7 am. Tray's going long and Lee's doing two loops.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Re: No morechemoooooo


You are a survivor for sure Rose!!!! We *all* await your triumphant return. The veritable queen of the Brickyarders!!!! We have Kevin, Adam and Lindsey who are new among us and they will meet the veteran and Brickyarder founder!!!!


From: Rose <runrose79@yahoo.com>;
To: Lee Bradley <bradley_lee_r@sbcglobal.net>;
Subject: No more chemoooooochemoooooo
Sent: Wed, Mar 12, 2014 2:46:14 AM

Gorgeous day today the sky is blue look like there is snow up In the
sky! Looking forward to start running without poisoning in my body.
Little over a month I will be back in Connecticut looking forward to run
with you guys again! That is if I could keep up! Plus we got some
celebrating to do your birthday the end of my chemo. Keep on running or
should I say don't run too much. Love Rose

Monday, March 10, 2014

Upcoming races in March

I've updated our race calendar on the right. March 22 is the 5 mile in Bristol. March 30 is the 1/2 in Westfield. I'm running both.


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Lindsey, and I am sure you, don't like all the spam that's been coming in. I have updated the banner and removed the stuff about the special email address you can use to post stuff via email. I have created a new email address that may be used for this purpose. I will let you all know what this email address it. I am using it now to test it. We should be spam-free, again.



As recorded in our internal log. Adam ran this one too. How'd it go Adam?

MCT - Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 23:19:09 (GMT) (subtract 4 for local time)

5 mile Bolton Road Race. 45:04 official which is a 9:01 pace. Nice race with two big hills. Windy and cold. Total miles for the week = 52.6. Staying at that +50 goal. Also working some speed work into my runs.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Call to Rogers Orchards!

And now for something completely different! At 7 AM, if you can make it, we will be assembling at Rogers Orchards in Southington for our long run. Brickyard is unrunnable and Tray could use a break from traveling so far. She and Joe are going around 4 times which is 20+ miles. Lee is good for 3 loops. Join us!

Here's a link to a run Tray and Lee did.


The start point address is

336 Long Bottom Road, Southington, CT 06489

If you click on the map below and zoom in you should see where the Rogers Orchards building is. There is a parking lot across the street from it where you may park.

If you need directions, call Linda's cell at 860 490 2418

Here what you get when you google on the above address.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Lindsey completed her first marathon this morning and we congratulate her. Napa Valley Marathon. She was aided in the last 10k by some awesome California girls. She is so proud of herself and grateful for their kindness. 4:38. She writes "Not gonna lie. The end part is *tough*. Kindness saved the day." We all need angels and they "carried her" in.

Her little sister ran along with her at mile 24.

Well done Linds. You did it!!!!!!!

Remember. This is number 1. Imagine number 2. Number 3. Aim high.

Time to enjoy the wine.

It's nice when your aunt is a winemaker :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ok everybody. Collinsville was awesome. Now let's root for Linds and congratualate Rose!

Tomorrow Lindsey Gendall is running the Napa Valley Marathon. This is her first. She is ready. She is pumped. She is one of us. Think of her from 7 am on. You don't wanna know what it took to get there. 17 weeks of training. Cancelled plane flights. Errant luggage. Predicted mud slides. But ... watch this girl. She is ready.

And speaking of awesome women, the pretty much founder of the Brickyarders, Ms Rose Famiglietti, ran a 5k today in Florida and placed first. Well done Rosie!

Lani and Lea's new 6.68 or 2x6.68 HTC Winter Series "race"

Linda took these pictures. About 20 people showed up for Lani and Lea's new Collinsville HTC Winter series race. It was one loop of 6.68 or two for 13.36. It was cold, clear and beautiful. Tom Buckley showed up briefly but did not run. He has directed the old Collinsville race for many years. It was great to see Michelle Bosco who learned about this from our post on Facebook. Adam, Tray, Michelle and Lee ran most of it together.

The course was well marked and the written directions of the early turns helped a lot. Tray's watch was not working so the following might help (Lee's Timex data). She finished a bit quicker than this data.

It was great to see Kelsey Cabral at the finish. He showed up a bit late and ran some variation of the one loop course. 

Barbara Kream did the one looper. Kevin Mason did too. And finished 1st! Go Brickyarders.

The full results will be published in the next HTC newsletter.

Other pix from Facebook ...