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Monday, October 31, 2016

Brent, Tracy, Vanessa, Mike and Lee raced this weekend.

Brent, Tracy, Vanessa, Mike and Lee raced this weekend.

Brent placed 2nd with a 23:10 at Jamie's Run in Old Wethersfield. Nailed it. He'll be running Airline Trail Ghost Run (1/2) next weekend. Took Lee 28:45 (6th in division).

Tracy placed 2nd in division with a 3:57:59 in the Ocean State Marathon & Rhode Race

Mike reports

8K Mum-A-Thon. Time was 44:18 at a 8:54 pace. Came in 4th in my AG.

Lee ran 4 races in two days (a double Sergio in 169ese). In the 29s in the 5ks (one much slower than that) and my 5 mile was pretty slow. Placed 4th in that.

Well done Brickyarders!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Where the Wild Things Run

Mike, Adam and Lee ran a 5K trail race in Wilton this morning. (Mike really feels like he's not running enough of late. Marathon last weekend. 20 miles yesterday. 4 *before* the race today.) This photo doesn't have Mike in it but it shows how the Run 169 Society (about 1800 members!) pretty much owned this race. Lelsley Fearnley was crowned a Queen today. The latest person to have completed all 169 towns.

Photo by Linda

The terrain was *very* rooty, stoney, treacherous. Lee fell (didn't get hurt) but Steve Mele fell and was pretty bloody (but fine). 

This is Mike, Lee and King Brian Walker. Selfie by Mike.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Congrats Lani, Lea, & Mike

Lani, Lea, and Mike ran the Hartford full yesterday. Congrats!!!

Lea Crown

Kathy Lundin and Lani Ralston

Mike Taricani and his grandson Britton

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Apple Harvest Southington 5 mile

Lee's Garmin

Noticeably fewer than the usual number of runners this year (I am sure due to weather). Brent, Tray, Joe, Ian, Sara, Larry and Lee ran it. Larry took 2nd to Joe and both killed it. Ian missed placing due to definition of division range (he took 42 minutes). Sara placed. Brent placed 4th. He and Tray were super close at the end. She was sub-40 and both he and Tray were sub-8. Lee placed 1st (and only) with a 9:31 pace. Ryan O'Conner placed 2nd overall (35 years old).

Photos by Linda Bradley

 Joe Laskey

 Larry Regan

Carina Hallorin

Brent Stratton

Tracy Zagata

Tracy Zagata 

Lee Bradley

Larry Regan and Joe Laskey

Lee Bradley and Janet Romayko