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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Lani!

April 30th, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brickyard update and River Run 10K

Yesterday (Saturday) was a bit chilly, but a beautiful morning for a run.   We had a new runner show up, Kathleen from Granby, the two of us were not aware that Rose and Judy had planned to start at 8:00 am.  So we set out around 7:40 and ran to Unionville and back, meeting Rose on her outbound leg. We sure missed Lee, who is rehabilitating some ankle problems.  Hope he hears back from his doc soon with a diagnosis so he can figure out how to proceed.

I myself have been struggling with some right hip/leg trouble.  I KNOW, don't diagnose thyself...but I callem like I see 'em, and the signs and symptoms of this leg problem is a slam dunk for piraformis syndrome.  Nothing serious, but can be really painful.  So, I spent last week running gently and stretching a lot.  It felt ok on the Saturday run. 

A 50K or 50 miler was definitely out of the question, but I decided to take my chances with the River Run 10K which starts at Iron Horse in Simsbury.  The weather was cold and sort of nasty which did not really help my leg at all. I suppose the 3 pants and 2 shirts with a jacket did not help that much either because saturated with water I was pretty weighed down.  I took it conservatively, and tried not to push it too far.  I finished in 50:37, which was good enough for 66th overall and 4th in my age division.  The more important result is that my leg is pretty sore right now, but definitely not as painful as it was 2 weeks ago when all this started so I know I did not do any damage (yet!!).

Hope to get in some decent weekday miles this week, win this week's Weigh-In for the Biggest Loser Challenge I joined with the nurses on 7-1 at Saint Francis...however..this is probably wishful thinking given that I am the slimmest person in the whole thing.  But I can still dream about winning.

I will also be turning 39 at the end of the week, so I'm on the brink of entering a new age division!  [ What happened????  When I started running it seemed like I would be in the Under 20 division forever...]

Anyway, hope the weekend is nice and Lee can join us on Saturday. 

If the leg is ok, maybe I'll run the Granby 10K on Sunday and try for a little better time.

Signing out for this week- Lani

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Technical Coordinator Lani told me about SportTracks1 at Brickyard last Saturday and made me realize I could adjust my Garmin 305 to "bike mode" so today I did a little over 10 miles on my Cannondale hybrid going around a 1.25 mile loop that's right behind my house about 8 times.

Babying my left ankle and thinking I do need to call my doctor and have it X-rayed to see what might be going on.

In a good 5K I think I come close to a 7:12 pace. Without even trying, SportTracks tells me I averaged 4:52. Two wheels is a lot easier than 10 toes. And gentler on the body.

1 http://www.zonefivesoftware.com/SportTracks/

Quoting from their website ... "A revolution in exercise logbook software. Look no further. You have found the best GPS-enabled exercise logbook software in the world."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Brickyarders' News

It was a bad hair day but we had a decent turnout this morning at Brickyard and captured the moment after doing about 6 miles on the northern leg. It was great to see Laura (it's been a while). Dave Condit ran so he's mending (he did not run the 1/4 marathon).
Lani decided to keep it to just 6 and Lee did too. Not sure what's going on but for about a week her leg's been hurting. Hopefully, probably not serious but playing it safe. Lee's ankle is still not right and we both decided doing the 50K in New Preston made no sense so will not do it after all. Injuries suck.
Lani and Lee will (think positive) be smart about training and able to make good on our "Team Primal Force" October 17, 2010 marathon relay plans. She built Team Primal Force where we'll report on our racing season which will culminate with this event in northern Maine. Hey, jump in and post a comment or two. Maybe we can turn this blog into something the Brickyarders can use.
Linda walked solo (Carol wasn't able to make it). Rose was the only one who put in decent mileage and did the southern leg after we got back to the parking lot. We picked out several possible spots for Eddie's bench and will be talking with the Greenway people next week.
Lee handed out a few Newington Library 5K Challenge ap's (May 16th). The Avon 5K is on the same day and Barbara K. is considering it. Lee's been giving another friend some encouragement about running and suggested she run the Newington race. Since Lani tagged me as the "Coach" of our relay team (she's the "Technical Coordinator") I've startedto sign my correspondence with my friend "Coach." Ordered another copy of LogbookONE so this friend can keep records of her workouts. Goals and records are a great way to motivate yourself and others.
Got a race? Tell us about it! Need to brag? Like to write? This is *your* newsletter! Send Lee Bradley an email and he'll publish your news!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A great start Lani!

Just back from Donnelly Dash. Looks like your workout schedule is on track. Nice job starting Team Primal Force blog! I look forward to training, telling my Vermont friends what we're up to and running many of the races you've listed. I will be sending in the check for Eddie's bench tomorrow. Thinking along the lines of

Donated in loving memory of
Eddie Gorecki
Runner and Friend

Click the picture to see a bit more of the Donnelly Dash in Fairfield.


First Post

Good Morning!

This is Lani. Just got a basic template for this website up and running, I am hoping Lee can add some of his expertise to jazz it up a little bit later.

Anyway, we had a great run yesterday on Brickyard Road in Farmington. It was about 8.2 miles, and we ran about 1:15. We layed the groundwork for the team and blog, as well as looked over a site for the bench that Lee is placing in Eddie's memory.

Today's workout for me is triathlon training - the pool does not open until 1:00 pm and I want to get started, so I will have to simulate that leg with 30 minutes of rowing machine and 30 minutes of nordic track, then I will hop on my bike for a 40 mile ride. This will be followed by a 10 mile run. I am hopeful that if I can do this in training it puts me in a good place to finish the Rev3 Half Iron Man in one piece.

I believe that Lee is in Stratford today, helping out at the Donnelly Dash, look for his update on the race a bit later. Lani