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Friday, February 28, 2014

Collinsville maps

Never trust version 1. The awesome team of Lea Crown and Lani Ralston has provided detailed maps of the new Collinsville 6.68 or 2 x 6.68 (that would be 13.36) course. Sorry Tray, we don't come close to even miles. Not even 10k or half marathon. You can handle it. See everybody there. Thanks Lea. You are pretty much awesome.

Collinsville 6 or 6+5. Be there! Saturday 10 AM

Lindsey's running Napa on Sunday. Her first marathon. We all wish her well. She has a specific goal. Watch her make it. She promises pix!

Mike's got grandfather duty. Good for Mike.

Lani's designed a new Collinsville Winter Run. Tray, Lee, I trust Adam, I hope Kevin and I expect Lea and others will be there.
Saturday, March 1, 10 AM, Collinsville Winter Run,
6 or 11 mile options,
Lani Ralston,
860 392-8063,
Lea Crown,
This challenging run starts from the former Collins Company Axe and Machete factory parking, winds along a hilly loop past the historic district of town, along the river, and into Avon before circling back to the start. At this point runners can either end their run here or opt for an additional 5 miles along the river. Alternative route options will be available in the event of inclement weather. Collinsville Rails To Trails Parking Lot, Route 179 (Main Street). From Farmington take Route 4 West through Unionville, straight onto Route 179, right at stop sign, across bridge to factory on right. From Winsted take Route 44 East, right onto Route 179 South, straight at traffic light, right at stop sign, left after kayak store to factory.

This is our new Collinsville course, one lap or 2. We are looking forward to putting on a nice little run.


Have a great weekend everybody!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A thank you before the big Napa kahuna

Dear Brickyarders:
This Sunday I will run my first marathon in Napa. I must sincerely thank you for being the coolest, kindest, badassest running group on this planet (seriously). I am lucky to have trained for 17 weeks with you. I feel prepared, thrilled, and ready to party from mile 20 onward—that’s the easy part, right? ;) All I can say at this point is the following: bring it, NAPA. Let’s do this thang! Hope the course isn’t stingy on the hills. I recently fell in love with a mountain range; next adventure will be a bit more vertical ;)
You guys are my inspiration.
With love,


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday racing

Tray ran Hyannis in 3:58:56. Had trouble in the last 10. Survived. Well done.


Lee ran the Jones 10 miler in 1:21:54


Sri volunteered (registration and sweep). We visited the Amherst Brewery after and had a great time!

Oh, $30 to join USATF, $40 to register, $125 for the win. 125 - 30 - 40 = 55. 

Adam and Lea ran Polar Bear 7.6 (both did Colchester yesterday!)

117 Adam Osmond 35 M Farmington      CT   335 1:02:33  8:14 
364 Lea Crown   36 F Meriden         CT   113 1:19:35 10:29 


Hey Lee, great day for a race yesterday at Colchester! I wanted to give you my email so I can stay connected to events for the group. It is kmason2334@yahoo.com. By the way, good luck to you today in your race!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Colchester 1/2

The Sole Sisters, The Brickyarders and Friends, caught on film literally seconds before your fearless photographer was about to get trampled as the "fun went off" at the Colchester 1/2 this morning @ 10:04 am

Standing: Sri Bodkhe, Kat Woodward, Sharon Beebe, Theresa Conneely, Wanda Hodsen, Michelle Bosco, Michael Lo Presti

Kneeling: Lea, Lindsey (praying? / cold? / laughing?)

133    37 Sri Bodkhe          M  35/100  109/326  M4049  47 1:42:27.62  7:50 1:42:45.68  7:51 Buckland           MA

134   651 William Varhue      M  17/79   110/326  M5059  50 1:42:32.46  7:50 1:42:39.41  7:51 Colchester         CT

228   630 Katherine Woodword  F  18/71    48/204  F3039  32 1:51:43.34  8:32 1:52:02.28  8:34 Rocky Hill         CT

227   631 Sharon Beebe        F  17/58    47/204  F4049  40 1:51:42.73  8:32 1:52:01.99  8:34 Manchester         CT

359 642 Theresa Conneely F 35/58 98/204 F4049 49 2:01:41.20 9:18 2:02:00.87 9:19 Wethersfield CT

377   179 Wanda Hodsen        F  39/58   110/204  F4049  43 2:03:59.72  9:28 2:04:22.67  9:30 Wethersfield       CT

143   227 Michael Lo Presti   M  39/100  118/326  M4049  42 1:43:08.74  7:53 1:43:31.25  7:55 Plantsville        CT

334    39 Michelle Bosco      F  33/58    87/204  F4049  48 1:59:33.05  9:08 1:59:55.99  9:10 Wethersfield       CT

426    82 Lea Crown           F  46/71   137/204  F3039  36 2:10:11.62  9:57 2:10:31.22  9:58 Meriden            CT


I looked all over for new Brickyarder Kevin Mason before the race but finally found him as I was going out to run Kathy Scotti in. He was driving home. Check out *his* time!

119 245 Kevin Mason M 23/41 100/326 M2029 27 1:41:00.59 7:43 1:41:19.12 7:45 Farmington CT

530   622 Kathy Scotti        F   1/1    204/204  F70+   72 3:26:52.51 15:48 3:27:04.05 15:49 W Hartford         CT

So I'm playing my favorite online game, Words With Friends, with Wanda Hodsen and tell her I'm heading out to Colchester. She didn't say anything about her coming. So, big surprise, Wanda and our friend
Theresa Conneely show up at Colchester!

Speaking of games, our very own Lindsey is apparently a Tetris junkee and had to get one last game in before setting out for Colchester. Only doing 8 miles it was not critical she appear before the "fun went off" but somehow managed to roll in a few nanoseconds early.

Lee ran the first 2 or so with her and then came back and ran the last 2 with her. 8 days: Napa Valley Marathon!!! Her first! Go Linds!!!

Mike, Adam and Lea made us proud today!

301   291 Adam Osmond         M  77/100  229/326  M4049  46 1:57:04.24  8:57 1:57:04.25  8:57 Farmington         CT

383   378 Michael Taricani    M  13/24   271/326  M6069  60 2:04:52.35  9:32 2:05:01.53  9:33 Burlington         CT

Tray's racing Hyannis tomorrow and missed Colchester. Good luck tomorrow!

Other folks we know: Andie Williamson, Paul and Flo Dickie, Brian Fidler, Ben Mattheis, Peter Hawley, Andy Zyrek, Bekkie Wright, Jo Poliquin, Kate Stoker, Larry Regan

103   317 Lawrence Regan      M  27/100   91/326  M4049  47 1:39:07.58  7:35 1:39:10.45  7:35 Wallingford        CT 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

3's a charm!