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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rose's Races

A little early, I know. I'll put something up tomorrow about Saturday. Right now, all I know is Tracy, Adam and I are running the Airline Trail Ghost Run 1/2 Marathon. Tell us more via comments, email, internal log etc. what your Saturday plans are.

But this is just too good to wait another second to post. Rosetta has assembled an inspiring video of Rose, a must watch.

It reminds me a little of what Linda built for me on my 70th birthday, a Shutterfly book I will always cherish. Speaking of birthdays, Tracy, Rose and Wanda will be 41, 65 and 43 on the 6th, 7th and 21st.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Osmond Outpaces Bradley in Devil Race, Tray paces Joe and Taricani runs Burlington 5K

The subject pretty much says it all. Adam left Lee in the dust. Initial results put Adam 1st out of 2 in the 0-year-old division but he foolishly talked to the timer and as a result ... no horns for him today :)

Lee can't even claim that he ran a sub-9 pace (9:01) but his bib was a power of 2 and he did place 1/1 so all is good. Adam ran an 8:34 pace.

We'll have to wait for Tray to tell us what New Hampshire Ghost Train Rail Trail is like in the last 25 when it's dark and cold.

This one was taken by Adam ...



Next Saturday, Lee, Tray and hopefully speedster Adam will tackle Connecticut's own Ghost Run, a point to point 1/2 marathon from Hebron to East Hampton.

Adam doubles! Saturday report!

Hello Lee,

Today I ran the "Love Your Body 5K" race at the West Hartford Reservoir.  I came in 12th place overall and 2nd place for my Age / Sex group.  I guess the fast ones were running other races.  My time was 24:13 with a 7:48 pace. Tomorrow I'm planning to run the 6.66 "The Devil Made Me Do It" in Glastonbury.

Thank you



Friday, October 25, 2013

All Quiet on the Brickyard Front

Mike, Tray, Adam, Lani, Lea, Brent all seem to be either racing, crewing / pacing, grandsoning, or healing so nothing is planned for a Saturday morning run tomorrow. Meanwhile, keep warm and watch out for Devils, Skeletons and things that go bump in the night.

RunKeeper "queen"

You're getting to be quite the runner / iphone / RunKeeper "queen" these days Rosie!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Ansel Adams Shmansel Adams ... Ralston raises the bar

Lani's trying to take Linda's job away and has just shipped a couple of terabytes this way, documenting her recent journey thru Hartford and beyond. Rumor has it she sleeps with her tiny new camera, ready at any given moment to leap up to snap a shot.

All the shots below are from the Hartford Marathon save the last two. These were taken a week later at Brickyard Road.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Strong showing at Brickyard!

Lani took the picture so that makes eight. Linda made it too so that makes 9. Great to see Dave and Barbara who both rolled in as we were about to start (something about their cat needing to be put back in the house). Welcome back Mama Rose!

We ran between 4 and probably 12 (Tray added a few after the rest of us were done and Mike had 6 done before any of us showed up). A beautiful morning to run.

Adam mentioned that he's going to run The Devil Made Me Do it Sunday next. There are two races. 6.66 and 3.33. Lee ran it last year with Brent. Some of it is on trail. The Glastonbury River Runners puts it on.

Lani got a couple of great deer shots with her 18 megapixel camera. She promises she'll be uploading them (along with her Hartford shots) soon. The energy required to actually remove the chip from her camera and insert it into her computer is immense so we can all understand the delay.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Call To Brickyard!

Rosie's thinkin' 7:30 AM old parking lot would work. Lani's in. Linda's in. Lee's in. Nobody's probably running too long and it's not hot any more, and it's darker now ... thus the new suggested time.

We're in post-marathon mania mode now so ... time to step back, enjoy the shorter stuff and run together.

Oh, can't resist sharing this. Lani's got a new mini camera which she's using on all runs (including Hartford full). Lee's been taking pix too during runs. As she says, we're amateurs in this area. But ... this is a MUST WATCH.

Hope to see a large crowd at Brickyard on Saturday.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Hartford / Newport

Hartford full
Hartford half
Hartford 5k
Newport full

Well, this is old news for most but, in case you missed it, Tracy (aka BQ baby) ran a 3:40:44* in Newport.

100 6057 Tracy Vroeginday 1:48:22 3:40:44* 8:26 3:41:04* 40 23/419 F 7/131 F4049 PLANTSVILLE CT

Now, usually, asterisks next to names mean something bad (drugs, wind at back, etc.) but in this case it means

* 2014 Boston Marathon qualifying time based on age today.

Lee  ran a 4:19. Mike had a rough one but finished around 5 and is looking back at his training etc. to figure out what needs to change. We all had a great time, met new people and enjoyed the experience.

Lani, Lea and Adam finished the Hartford full all in *very* respectable times. Adam writes ...

"2012 was my first marathon, and my goal was to finish it under six hours, and my actual time was 5:43:02. This year my goal was to finish under 5 hours, and I paced with the 4:45 group, and my time was 4:56:28 (knocked off  46:34), and I enjoyed every second of it. Next year my goal is to finish under 4:30.

Also I saw Lea at the start, and Lani at the finish, and attached here are screenshots of their results."


Dave and Barbara finished the Hartford 5k close together.

Pictures were taken by me at Hartford and Linda at Newport using our box camera and there was no way they could be posted till I got home. Here they are. Hartford first, Newport next.

 Lani at Hartford start

Sri close to finishing Hartford 1/2

Kelly close to finishing Hartford 1/2

Tracy at Newport at the 1/2 way point

 Tracy at Newport at the 1/2 way point

 Lee at Newport at the 1/2 way point

Mike at Newport at the 1/2 way point

 Mike at Newport at the 1/2 way point 

 Lee at Newport at the 1/2 way point 

Mike finishing Newport

Mike finishing Newport