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Thursday, January 30, 2014

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I don't know what the date is for this new HTC Winter Series race but Lani has put a lot of work into this so let's support her and do it!!!!

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Lee, FYI this is our new Collinsville course, one lap or 2. We are looking forward to putting on a nice little run.


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Call to Brickyard!

I'm planning on being at the regular parking lot at 7 AM to go longish. I asked Tray on Monday night if she was up for Brickyard and I believe she's not race-scheduled and free. We're in the winter months now and the races are few and far between which gives us opportunities to get together as a group and run Brickyard. Sooooo ... I hope all you out there that get this are free, looking for a run, want company and come.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Early Wethersfield for some, Tradition Run for some, both for some

As mentioned in a comment in the previous post, Wanda and the Sole Sisters and Lindsey are gathering at 6 AM at 185 Broad Street in Wethersfield tomorrow morning to run to and then in the Meadows. A bunch of others are doing the Tradition Run on Sunday. Some are doing both. Have a good weekend everybody!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

This weekend

Looks like many Brickyarders will be doing Peoples this Sunday. Lindsey is babying an IT band issue and her sports doctor is recommending flat trail surfaces so she's passing on Peoples. I'm heading to sunny (hopefully) Puerto Rico on Sunday and will be running w/ her in the meadows in Rocky Hill on Saturday starting at 7 AM. (Todd Brown's January 1 Winter Series area.) Join us if you aren't racing.

What say the Brickyarders do a marathon relay this season! Vermont or Hartford come to mind. Let me know if you are interested. I'll be the team captain. We should be able to do really well w/ all our talent. If you know of any other marathon relays, let me know!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Goody Park

An 8.16 mile run from home to Goody Park (~3), around Goody Park (2 miles) and back home. 

Pictures taken during the 2 mile run around the park. Click the pictures to see high resolution image.

Lolly pops, Ginger Bread house, candy canes, ice cream

Peace on Earth

Train / North Pole



Toy Land

Sponge Bob, Sandy and Mr. Krabs (thank you Tray)

Dora the Explorer

Candy Cane Toss 

Mayflower, Statue of Liberty


BOOM! A present shooting canon

Paddle Wheel boat

Swans on the ice pond

More swans and gulls and porpoises


Angels playing music

Star-strewn archway

 The Magi and Jesus

The Magi and Jesus

 Hartford Holiday Light Fantasia

The Trail



Cedar Hill Cemetery

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Icey Dicey Saturday

Lindsey was the only smart one. She decided to move her run to Sunday. Tray, Lee, Adam and Mike moved their run from an unrunnable Brickyard to a barely runnable Res 3. Distances varying from a low of a tad under 12 to about 16 are in the books. Adam took the one he's not in and Lee took the one he's not in. We weren't the only crazies; quite a few others were out there, tougher than us (they ran both the road and the trail). Adam's main contribution was to recommend we run the edge of the road where there was crunchy snow as opposed to the road where in parts remaining upright was almost impossible.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Brickyarders News!

Two things:

(I know, it used to be three but Lani's awesomeness is still intact. Collinsville event is in developement in case you read the earlier version of this.)

The very small set of those who can claim honorary Brickyarder status has just gotten bigger. An executive decision was made to recognize ultramarathoner Joe Laskey as most worthy.

The criteria to be so honored varies but in this case high mileage, difficulty getting to the regular Saturday run due to distance between residence & Farmington and perhaps most importantly repeated sightings of a bona fide Brickyarder nearby did it for us. Welcome, Joe! Congratulations.

A puzzle maker among us has just created the "crazzle," a puzzle type you will hear much more about in 2014. If you have a photo you'd like to turn into a puzzle for a friend contact the Brickyarders and they'll take care of it. Free for honorary and bona fide Brickyarders.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hello 2014!

A start has be made on the race calendar on the blog (which see ... it's on the right hand side of the main page). Mike has mentioned a bunch of races he's got in mind which I have to go back and check and then include. Please let me know what you are thinking to run and I'll post. Either as a comment on the blog, in the internal log (click Sonic the Cat) or via email.

This is a bit early to post but this coming Saturday folks are talking about going long. If Brickyard is open we could start at the regular parking lot at 7 AM. Motivation is, for some, the HTC Winter Series Peoples Forest 8.5/17 the following Sunday, 1/19. The following Sunday, 1/26, Lea has been promoting the Bernie Jurale Memorial Tradition Run. It's a 10k for those who want to run down after running up!