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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Osmond turns it around

In case you missed it ...


Lori Riley wrote it. Adam did it.

In 2008, Adam Osmond hit bottom. He was a gambling addict. He lost his two stores in New Britain, where he used to play thousands of dollars worth of lottery tickets a day. When he told his wife and his family, he was ashamed and depressed. He wasn't healthy. He took a leave of absence from his job as an accountant and ended up leaving the position.

"I went through a lot at that point," said Osmond, who lives in Farmington. "I went through hell."
  • Lori Riley
  • Lori Riley

Well done Mr Osmond.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lake Waramaug

Pix are now up at 


Well, maybe the biggest news is that Miss Lea crushed the Lake, left "the boys" in a state of complete wonderment. She ran 5:39:59 which works out to a 10:58 pace. Lee ran 19 of them "with her" but spent most of the time trying to catch up with her. She was strong the entire race. Srsly. This girl can run.

Wanda ran with her friend Michael Presti till her 50K turn around. He was doing the 50 mile. She picked it up a bit after that. She and Lea finished at the same time.

Mike did better this year than last and Adam's inaugural ultra was a good one. Mike was a minute under 6 hours and Adam was 5:50 give or take.

Joe decided to switch to the 50 mile because he wanted to help his son in the 50K. I think Ian's time was 6:30 or so. This fellow is something like 11. You think that's young. How 'bout Bill Odendahl's daughter. Might be all of 8.

Tray looked good. When I saw her. Which wasn't much. I expect she and Joe'll fill us in later.

Learned that Carl Hunt will still be involved next year but won't be the RD. What a phenomenal job he has done over the years.

So ... it was a good day for sure. A little chilly and windy but no rain. Time to have some chocolate stout (Lea), go out to dinner w/ Linda and young friends (Lee), help son w/ math and then go to choir rehearsal (Wanda) and get back to join grandkids (I'm guessing) (Mike).

Friday, April 25, 2014


Joe, Tray, Lea, Mike, Adam, Wanda

100K, 50 mile, 50K, 50K, 50K, 50K

Sunday, April 27th, 7:30 AM

Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug Ultras

Friday, April 18, 2014

This weekend

Besides of course Boston, this Monday, the Bradley 10K and 5K on Saturday at 8 AM are the only races I know of this Easter weekend.

I will be away tomorrow visiting my brother to celebrate our birthdays which are coming up.

Not sure what folks are up to but if you want to run Brickyard ... go for it. Suggested start time and place, the usual ... 7 AM ... regular parking lot.

In the mean time, a fb friend made me aware of this. Running is like a dance in some ways. But this fellow can *really* "dance!"

Happy Easter weekend everybody!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rose's first 10K of 2014!

Rose'll be back in town on April 22, just in time to cheer the JBLWU gang (Adam, Mike, Lea and Tray) on. But in the meantime, she knocked out her 1st 10K in sunny FL w/ an 11 minute pace w/ *no* stopping.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Call to Brickyard!

I'll be at Brickyard at 7 am tomorrow and plan on doing 10 miles. I know Adam and Tracy are coming and hope Kevin, Mike and others can join us. I will be taking my app to the Newington Library 5K Challenge to the library today to register and sent my app in for the Granby 10K yesterday. Slackin's spreading rumors he's going to run both the Newington race and possibly the Race in the Park. Welcome back Brent!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Umstead / 1/4 Marathon / Ledyard

Headed over to 1/4 marathon and ran it last minute. Lea and Lani both volunteered and ran it.

Lea will be running Danbury 1/2 tomorrow plus 7 miles.


Mike and Lee placed today.

Adam ran Ledyard this morning.

Lani provided info on how to track Tracy at Umstead. As of this moment, she is doing fine and has completed 3 of the 8 12.5 mile loops. Go Tray!



Thursday, April 3, 2014

This weekend

Tray's at Umstead. 100 miles. Think about that for a while. Go girl! 6 am Saturday. Mike's running the 1/4 marathon on Saturday. Reservoir 3. Adam and Lea are a couple of weeks away from their first ultra. Probably looking for something long. Lee will be at Brickyard at 7 AM. Will go short. Come if you're looking for company. There's a 1/2 in Middletown on Sunday. Not sure if registration is still open or not. This weather is awesome!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Michelle Lewis video

"Miss Lea" pointed some of us at this. I love this. Thanks Lea. Can't wait to run some of your JBLWU loops with you. This is a Boston Marathon inspirational video. So ... Sri ... and all who love running ... watch. Multiple times!!!


PS I'll be at Brickyard this Saturday at 7. Join me if you can.