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Monday, December 22, 2014

HTC Winter Series 2015!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Norfolk Pub 10 Miler

Adam, Mike and Lee ran Norfolk Saturday at 11 am. Adam and Lee traded places twice but, "unfortunately" for Lee, the 2nd time put Mr. Osmond in front and the rest is history. Well done Adam. 

It looked like yet another 169 Society Love Fest, especially at the "railroad." Photo by Derek MacDonald.


Saw many old friends and met many new friends. Jay Krusell, Bruce Goulart, Andie Williamson, Neil Mandel, Paul Baldini, Brian Fidler, Peter Hawley, Britanny Heninger, Lindsay Jankowski, Dotti Lupaniello, Beth McKenna, Chrissy Pakutka, Mena Shehata, Kate Stoker, Lai Sun, Laurie Von Schmidt, Jeff Dingloc, Anna Starodaj, Kim Marchand, Jeanne Corey, Hildie Heck, Julie Aresco, Charles Merlis, Leslie Fearnley, Chris Deming

Walked away with my third Pez dispenser. This year, Santa!

Ran a 1:28:13 (8:50 pace). Placed 1st in AG. Adam ran 1:27:57. Mike ran 1:48:28.

There were 183 finishers.

And so, 2014 comes to a close. 2015. Bring it on!

Here's what Linda took.

The Start!!

Brian Fidler

Peter Hawley

Neil Mandel

Adam Osmond

Lee Bradley, Caryn Stellmach


Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Mike is pretty sure he's going to make it. Here's a 2012 Garmin record which shows the lollipop course and the hills. For many, this is the last race of the year. See you there?!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Party at Tray's

Close friends at Tracy's annual Brickyarders' Christmas party.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Roxbury Marathon 2014

Tray went sub-4 (3:57) (for the first time at Roxbury). Lee ran 4:21. Joe was just over 4. Kate Stoker, "Serena Speedi," Bill Odendahl, Torpedo ran. Mike and Brian Fidler volunteered. Linda took pictures. Some of the pix are by David McNamara.

Kevin Mason helped Lee out by running the 5 loops.

Vanessa, Bill, Tray (frozen), Lee, Kevin, Joe

 Lee and Kevin

 Alyssa Renae, Lee, Brian

 Kevin, Lee



 Roxbury is a very, very beautiful place.

 Do you agree?

 Just before the race started.

Linda Bradley

Friday, December 12, 2014

Roxbury full

Tracy, Joe, Lee, Vanessa, Torpedo, and Mike (volunteering). Brian Fidler is also volunteering. Wanda got an email saying she got in (was #47 on the waiting list). But she can't do either it or the 50k cuz she has a Christmas concert rehearsal she forgot about. Her concert is Sunday at First Church in Wethersfield. At 4 PM.

Ok. Roxbury. 8:30 AM. It's gonna be cold but not 2013 cold.

 Let's run it!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Santa's Run

Rose and Lee ran Santa's Run at noon today. Wanda, Andy Zyrek, Karen Armillei and many other friends ran.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Brickyarders sweep Tinsel!!

Photos by Linda Bradley

It did not rain during the 2 miler but it sure was cold at the random draw at the end. 
Count 'em!! Rose, Lani, Lee, Joe and Tray all got bling. We had a couple of ringers along too, Bill Gagnon and Karen Prado (Armillei) :) This is what we looked like at the awards. 

 Lee and Bill

Joe and Santa

Karen and Lee



Lani finishing

 Rose, Lani, Tray, Joe, Lee and Karen at the start

Marjorie Sasiela, overall winner 

 Karen, Tray and Lee at the start

Friday, December 5, 2014

How many Santas can we collect tomorrow?

I am pretty sure our very own Tracy Z. snared her first trophy ever at Tinsel. A few pix that should make us all smile.