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Saturday, July 30, 2011

BY Report

Sat @BY

We have a few still traveling and under the weather...Rose, Brent, Barbara, Dave and myself ran on Sat. Rose and Brent took the distance awards- 17-18 miles. We hope evryone is home safe & sound and feeling better soon- Lani

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

hola de la republica de dominican

Hola mis amigos,

It's been highs and lows over here. Beautiful resort and beach. Lousy food and service at the buffet. I complained enough though and we got updated to VIP status so now we are getting restaurant quality food and everybody's kissing our asses. Unfortunately, Barry developed diarrhea yesterday. This has got to be the third time we've been on vacation when this has happened to him. Aye yaye yaye.

I'm trying to keep up with the running but it's hot! I feel like such a wuss "toughing out" 3-4 miles in the D.R. after what Lani, Kelly, and Karen just did on Sun.

Looking forward to running with all of you soon.

Hasta luego! (As you probably know, Spanish is the official language here. You should here Barry and I trying to speak like the locals. When we don't know a word in Spanish, we just tack an 'o' onto the English word. LOL!)

Lani and Kelly at Ironman Lake Placid

Lani reports she has about 100 great photos from her Ironman. She is having some computer problems and can't post right now. She sent these two by email.

"One is of me and Kelly when we were checking in, and one is me just after finishing. Notice my hand behind my back - had the best slice of pizza I ever tasted in my life in my right hand!"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lani Ralston, Ironman!

The site that seems to work best is


Lani completed the swim (2.4 miles) in 1 hour 49 minutes and 9 seconds. She had covered 3.17 of the 112 mile bike ride when this was captured.

Update: Lani has covered 85.49 miles on the bike and has only 27.02 to go before she starts the marathon. She has averaged 13.9 mph while on the bike. It has been 8 hours 6 minutes 32 seconds since she started.

Update: 112 miles on the bike. The entire bike ride took 8 hours 17 minutes 53 seconds. She has been in this event 10 hours 27 minutes and 39 seconds. She's covered 2.2 miles on foot and is averaging 9 minute 53 second miles. Unbelievable! Go Lani!

I am happy to report that Lani has completed Iron Man Lake Placid!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scottish Rite Freemasons 5K

Complete Results

LBrad  Photos
by LBrad  Photos

The Start! Can you find Tom Walsh, Dave Jacobs, Richard Zbrozek?

Rose, Rocky, Mandy and Geoff Etherington (who's 82)

Rose placed 1st, Mandy placed 1st, Geoff would have placed 1st had they had an 80+ division

Lee placed 2nd

Mandy finishing

Rose finishing

And the cutest one of all, Miss Annie Rose!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Brickyard tomorrow and 8 1/3 years of running

Rose and I will be running the 5K in Newington tomorrow, so we won't be at Brickyard. Lea is shooting for Brickyard at 7:30. Tracy's in the Dominican Republic and I haven't heard anything about her renting a plane for a quick trip to Farmington so she won't be there. Lani's got her work cut out for her in the Adirondacks on Sunday morning so ... Barb and Dave are on holiday in Denver so ... Mari, Beth, Steve, Kelsey ... you *gotta* make it to give Lea company!

Anyway, keep cool (it was 102 here at 1 PM), keep running, root for Lani and enjoy your weekend.

Oh, speaking of races, on the eve of the 3rd annual Scottish Rite Freemasons 5K, I've built a page that has (you ready for this?) links to pretty much every race I've run since 2003. Of particular interest to Brickyarders will be the last two years. The drop down menu shows everything from GE Petit 5K to last year's Scottish Rite 5K which means I've been involved in 31 races in the last year. Enjoy! 


Iron Man Lake Placid - Sunday, July 24, 2011

To track Lani's progress on Sunday, go to


The start time is 7 AM. An Iron Man Triathlon consists of a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bike and a marathon (26.2 miles 42.195 km) run.

Best of luck Lani!



Karen Anastasio and Kelly Burns Gallagher will be doing it as well. They won't be wearing the GPS unit Lani has rented but think positive thoughts for them too!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beach time!

Rose, Mandy, Randy, little Annie Rose, Judi, Linda, Libera, Amanda and I spent the day in Old Saybrook. Rose, Mandy, Judi and I ran about 5 along the ocean's edge. Katherine Hepburn's place is for sale for only 28 million if you're interested.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Three things ...


one of which has nothing whatsoever to do with Brickyarders.

In case you missed it, today is Gregor Mendel's 189th birthday

Speaking of Google, have you ever googled the word Brickyarders? Give it a shot.

Finally, I think I'm finally putting the Brickyarders' Log Form "to bed," a programmer's way of saying s/he's happy with it and will leave it alone (I can hear Tray whisper, as she packs for DR, "Thank God!"). I often document something that has reached this status and for those of you that can't wait to read the most exhaustive and detailed account of how your favorite input form works, please visit


And you thought 50K was an ultra ...

A bunch of friends, some of whom other Brickyarders know, just completed the Vermont 100.

Betsy Mainiero, just 50, placed 1st in her division with a time of 22:50:25.

Emmy Stocker, Frank Colella, Bridget Ferrin-Smith and Kerry Arsenault are the other people I know. An amazing feat.

I just completed Croix Sather's book "Dream Big Act Big."  This inspirational book was given to everybody who placed at the GE Petit 5K. If you'd like to borrow it, let me know. Makes me want to seriously consider running the 50 mile Lake Waramaug Ultra next April.

Speaking of ultras, our best to Lani this weekend. We'll be tracking your progress via http://www.myathletelive.com/

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Petit Race Report

Click the picture to get the full story!

Petit report (version 0)

More (much more!) to come but here's one of several Brickyarders who placed today!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Extra Good Luck Award

Not only is brother Chip going to run Petit, he has awarded Tray with an Extra Good Luck Award. For this, what say we return the good vibrations by making him an honorary Brickyarder?

Run / Walk with the wind

Theo Jansen

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today, Tomorrow and Sunday

I would like to preface this post by saying it will only make sense if you've been following the Brickyarders' Log.

In particular, Tray's most recent entry. To which I would like to say, to her last question, "Yes!"

And to her response to Chip's wishing Joanna good luck, "You're funny!"

Good for everybody on this week's running. I took the day off today, went to Westbrook with Linda and had fun eating outside at "Bill's Seafood" and then headed over to Old Saybrook and watched the birds and the water at the place where they have the awards after Delaney Dash. Today was a perfect 10.

Tomorrow, I mow the lawn, water the garden and run short. Saturday, at 7 AM I'll run about 7 w/ Lea and anybody else that comes.

Sunday, well, we know what's happening on Sunday. Brent, Tray, Rose and Lee will cover 3.1 in the fastest time they can.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Annie Rose Runs Highcrest

Amanda, Judi, Rose, Tracy, Linda and Miss Annie Rose (and photographer Lee) did about 11-12 at Highcrest this morning! See you all at Petit on Sunday. We're looking for cool temps and fast times!

Countdown to GE Petit 5K

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hogsback Half Marathon 2011 T-Shirt

On the back of the shirt the Brickyarders logo is at the bottom, the HTC logo is at the top and the three companies that will be providing goodie bag coupons etc are in the middle.

Encountering a Bear During a Run

In the wake of a fatal mauling a few days ago at Yellowstone National Park by a grizzly bear, I felt I should post this to clear up misinformation. Yes, I know the chances of encountering a bear while running is probably remote, nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. We've talked a few times about hitting the ground and playing dead if you see a bear; however, this only pertains to a grizzly bear, not a black bear (which is what we'll see in CT). Check out the protocol for what to do:

What to do when you encounter a bear in the wilderness

Happy and SAFE running to all!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Scottish Rite Freemasons 5K detail

I know, it's two weeks away. But Rose and I have discovered we've been running the Scottish Rite Freemasons 5K without including the very short cul-de-sac at Trout Brook Circle. So ... just to be clear about what you shouldn't blow past (now I'm wondering if they'll station somebody there to guide you) here's the official course map and my Garmin data from yesterday when I ran it.


Garmin data

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9th at Brickyard

And the "winner" is ... Mama Rose! Well, Lea "won" in the wet running clothes contest but Rose "won" in the longest run department. How does 15.1 sound? She showed up at 6:30 AM, ran North for 2.5, turned back and ran 2.5 to the parking lot. She and Barbara knocked out another 10+. Brent greeted new Brickyarder Steve Hudson who jogged in from 2 miles away and then Brent, Lea and Tray headed South, trying to find Rose and Barbara. Dave Condit and Larry Chaves were coming back as we were heading out. Lea and Tray eventually paired off while Brent and Lee did the same. We joined up with Steve for our return trip to the parking lot. Steve just emailed me and said he's signed up for Hogsback and joined the Hartford Track Club. This guy doesn't waste any time! Great to meet you Steve! See you next Saturday. Since a bunch of us are racing on Sunday we'll not be going anywhere nearly as long on the 16th.

There were a lot of people out there today!

Finally got back to the parking lot where Linda was nowhere to be found (she was out walking the North trail). Tray talked a bit about going to see somebody about her foot needing attention but I think it's going to be OK. Lea and Lee added another 2 while Brent added another 3.

I hope you followed all this! Sorry Mari and Beth weren't with us today. Kelsey was MIA but we knew that would be the case. He will not be doing the Enfield Twilight 5K after all this evening. More about this on our Brickyarders' Log.

So ... what's coming up? The GE Petit 5K for Tray, Lee, Brent, Rose, you?

We wish Lani all sorts of good vibrations in the next 2 weeks as she readies herself to participate in Iron Man Lake Placid. We absolutely know you will do your best! Enjoy the day!

Red Dress (or Pink Shirt) 5K

Lani and Mary ran Red Dress 5K this AM! Go Lani! Go Mary!

Blogger was uncooperative when Lani tried to post the above picture so she sent it to me by regular email and asked me to put it up.

We hope and trust you both had a good time!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

this Saturday

Rose will be @ Brickyard at, are you ready for this?, 6:40 AM, and will run from the parking lot South, over the Farmington Rive bridge and to the turnaround and then back to the parking lot. This will give her 3.8 of the 15 she's got planned. So ... if anyone's up for that distance, show up early! Lea, Lee, Tray are going 13 and will start @ 7:30. Kelsey's running the Enfield 5K Twilight Road Race at 6:00 PM. Barb's doing Red Dress.

I'd like to do the first 3.8 and hang w/ Mari and Beth and then head North and keep going till turning around and heading back gives us 13.

Sounds like Mary's doing Petit next weekend (Sunday). All I gotta say about this is



Friday, July 1, 2011

Call to Brickyard

A little late. I know. But 7:30 AM Brickyard is a go. Pretty sure Lea, Tray, Rose, Kelsey will make it. Almost as sure Mari and Beth will be there. Brent's got a race tomorrow but he's looking for company on Sunday at Brickyard. Barbara and Dave will hopefully be there. Oh yeah. I'll be there. Come share your stories, lose a pound or two (I don't know about you but I'm going to a cookout on Monday), tell us how your training is progressing. Bring a friend! If I forgot to mention you, hope you come!!!