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Monday, July 29, 2013

Fw: FW: [Brickyarders] New comment on 3.14.

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Wow, that's really interesting. Tray and I were linked from afar in our races.

I think we may have been linked in another way too: I swam way way way off course, got paddled on the head 3x by the kayakers that chased me down. Instead of swimming 2.4 miles I swam 3.17, but who's counting right? Given the +/- of GPS tracking in the water could even be 3.14 miles!

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Team Primal Force has left a new comment on your post "3.14":

Yet another observation (which links our two Lady Legends): Lani's bib number was 89.6, Tray's distance was 89.6.

Posted by Team Primal Force to Brickyarders at July 29, 2013 at 5:41 PM


By now everybody who is anybody knows that the Brickyarders have no fewer than two as Sri would say Lady Legends, Lani Ralston and Tracy Vroeginday. The distances they covered: 140+ and 89+. The loop Tracy ran multiple times was, are you ready for this, 3.14 miles long. If this course were a perfect circle (which I expect it wasn't) how far away from the center of the circle was Tracy during the event?

Fw: Very Brief Race Comments

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Hi Everyone, thanks for tracking me out there!  This is not exactly a race report, I don't think anyone would really care to read the details and I wouldn't care to write them. 

But as you know, I DNF'd last year.  I left town intending to never come back and heard that the 2013 race sold out around noone time.  Fine with me.  Long story short, when I went home and checked the race results to see that big DNF next to my name again, somehow I clicked on the tab for 2013 and Google Chrome auto filled a registration for me but I really did not think this registration page was for real. Anyway when my mom called I reached for the phone, hit my mouse, and the rest is history. There's a no refund policy, and Peter said it was fate- go back so I did.

I made some process goals- no time goals.  They were smile a lot, thank all the volunteers, come out of the water without feelingsomeone delievered a knock out punch to my head ( although I did get a few of those in the scrum), really ride the descent without a death grip on the brakes and "flatten out the course" which is a syle of riding these hilly courses.  For the run, I just wanted to run comfortably without causing any damage to my hip/hamstring.  So I walked when it tightened up, and stopped several times to use the port-a potty---don't tell that to real triathletes: those dedicated folks take care of business while in motion.  My "nutrtion plan" was to eat very light.  The medical study people loved that --when they asked what I ate out there and I said "ice cubes", while everyone else was rattling off some pretty serious lists.

In other notables I saw Kelly a few times on the course, and of course Peter was out there on the hot corner, so we saw each other many times. 

OK, off for my medical study check in.  For my time and trouble, I will recieve a $225 training item (top secret).  I am going to be donating it to HTC and I believe Kelly will raffle it off at Hogsback so check that out. 

Thanks again for tracking me, stay well everyone. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013


She's on her way! Swim done. Been on bike for 1:41. Avg bike speed: 16.4 mph. Go Lani!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Call to Brickyard!

Alice Sarginger Carrillo has expressed an interest in joining the Brickyarders tomorrow. I told her what I know about who may be there. Tray's in NJ. Lani's Iron Man Lake Placid. I'm in Watkins Glen for the week. Lea'll be in the old parking lot at 6:30 for 17. Not sure about Brent and others. Mike'll be on the trail around 7 AM. Hopefully a few of you can hook up w/ each other.

Next weekend ... for Lee, Ocean Beach on Saturday (maybe w/ Wanda and/or Theresa) and Sea Legs 10 in Guilford on Sunday w/ Brent.

Follow Lani on Sunday.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lake Placid!

This Sunday, July 28th, Lani is running Ironman Lake Placid. She writes ...

Seems like I have a little SWIM, BIKE, RUNNING to attend to this weekend! Oh and by the way, I am going to be in a medical study at Lake Placid. Should be interesting. I have to give blood, saliva, urine samples the day before the race, 1 hour afterwards, 1 day afterwards, provide my heart rate data to them, and there are forms and things to fill out for 2 weeks after the race.  I get to have access to my own data, so that should be interesting.

Also, I rented the live GPS tracker again for LP. Of course,the official splits on the timing mats will be up at ironmanlakeplacid.com and there is a live video feed at ironmanlive.com but the realtime GPS data will be at myathletelive.com if you are interested. Lots of websites, couldn't they combine it somehow?


Lani will be wearing bib number 896.

We've been working on a T-shirt for the Brickyarders!  Please tell us your shirt size.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Cyndi Simpson!

My friend Cyndi Simpson is rejoining the Hartford Track Club. Yay! We go waaaaaaaaay back. She's become the Texting Queen and just sent me a couple of photos of her and Kathleen Scotti, Bill Tribou, Bill Rogers and Diane Stuart.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Call to Brickyard!

Tomorrow, 6 AM, VDP, heading toward Collinsville, 12 or more miles. Committed (or should be): Mike, Tray, Lee. Carry liquid.

Sunday, July 14, 2013



Tray broke 23 minutes! Brent ran a 7 minute pace and placed 3/75! Mike ran 26:42. Lee placed 1/8 with a 25:15. I think Tray and Brent ran brilliant races.

flash from the past ...

Seems like the Brickyarders missed Petit last year. Here's what it looked like in 2011.

Bring it on today Tray, Lee, Brent


Friday, July 12, 2013

Top Secret Lani / Lee Project ... and Call to Brickyard!

Lani and Lee are cooking up a very awesome, totally top secret thing and we may need to know your preferred nick name to implement it. Now, everybody knows Ultragirl, Where In The World, Slackin', BB (Belchin' Bradley, that's Lee), Mama Rose but Barb, Dave, Ms Lani herself and Lea are in need of monikers.

Not sure who's running Brickyard tomorrow but 6 AM in the regular parking lot will be where I'll be and I'd love to have company.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lani Crushes Red Dress!



I learned of this at our intervals on Monday! Way to go Lani! 3rd out of 85. Wow!

36 2389 Lani Ralston 23:47 7:40 23:49 42 36/734 F 3/85 F4044 GRANBY CT


Friday, July 5, 2013

Call to Brickyard!

It looks like 6 AM start at the "VDP" works for tomorrow. Lea, Tray, Mike and Lee have all expressed an interest in starting early and going at least 14. Given the heat this seems like the best way to go. Might want to do a little "back and forth" at the start to let the numbers rise (Mike and Lea come to mind). Ultimately, I see us heading toward the Brickyard parking lot and then heading back. We might pick up a few at 7 AM there as some might want to start later and go shorter.

Carry cold liquids and take it easy. If you've been running the last few days you know how difficult it's been.

If you need directions to the "VDP" Mike's provided information in the internal log at



Tuesday, July 2, 2013



Bill Rogers has appeared twice in the news recently. He and Amby Burfoot finished sub-32 in the inaugural Legends Run on Sunday in Middletown. This was a 4-mile course that circled the Wesleyan campus where Bill and Amby had logged so many miles, so many years ago.

Yesterday Bill appeared with "legend" Michael Taricani at Newington High School.