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Monday, January 9, 2017


Let's hope the 0° temperature revives your inner desire to move forward. Just my way of reviving and testing a way to communicate here.

Did ~8 @ ~15 min/mi on my Scottish Rite loop. Doubt this will earn me any certificate from the WCMB (there was little wind).

I'm heading up to Castle Craig this Sunday. My only 2nd assault (the event is in its 48th year).

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Joe Vailonis 8 miler

Todd and Kim Brown sent 20 runners off at 10 AM for the HTC Winter Series race. Rose and Linda walked 5 miles while we ran.

Tom Buckley and Todd finished first (Tom's hip replacement didn't seem to slow him down). Cassandra Day was the first woman. Kathleen Scotti did an early start. It was a bit muddy, breezy but very beautiful in the Meadows.


Lee ran 1:30:55. (about 11 minute pace). His new New Balance shoes got super muddy.

Linda took these pix.