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Monday, September 30, 2013

Tray and Mike

On Sunday, they showed us what's possible.

They made their own music (as players weren't permitted). We're very proud of you Michael and Tracy. Well done.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Recent results ...

Michael Taricani 50K trail race in the Ascutney Vermont hills - 8:20 - today
Tracy Vroeginday 50 mile trail race in the Ascutney Vermont hills - 10:36 - today
Sri Bodkhe Clarence DeMar marathon - 3:35:15
Wanda Hodsen Columbus, Indiana Mill Race Marathon - 4:06:28 - yesterday

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lea and Lani volunteer / run / volunteer

Lea and Lani were the first to arrive and last to leave the Hogsback Half today. They set up, ran and then cleaned up.

Lea and Lani!

Results at http://plattsys.com/m1shell.asp?eventid=1065

There were 348 finishers. Kelly and Shaun Gallagher did an outstanding job, per usual. Other friends that worked / ran included Theresa Conneely, Todd Brown, Kate Stoker, Sarah Koenig, and Barry Stoner. Linda worked registration and Lee helped Peter Hawley with mile markers and at the finish line.

Linda Bradley and Tim Hawley


Shaun and Kelly Gallagher!

Linda and Lani!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hogsback / Vermont / Indiana

Something like 450 people are signed up to run Hogsback. Lani and Lea will volunteer / run, Sarah Koenig (whom I met a couple of Hogsbacks ago) will run. Sri registered but has given his number to somebody else cuz he's running the Clarence DeMar marathon on Sunday. Mike and Tracy are ready to run 50K / 50 mile trail ultras in Vermont on Sunday. Linda and I will be working at Hogsback. My friend Wanda will be driving to Columbus, Indiana today to run the Mill Race marathon on Saturday.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

World Record Setter Adam Osmond

Here's what somebody took at the half marathon mark at today's 30K.

Keep your eye on this guy. According to his phone app, he covered 202.4 miles with a one minute pace.

In a comment posted elsewhere we learn ...

According to my Runkeeper App it looks like I set a new record. I did 202.4 miles with a one minute pace, and I swam across Long Island Sound to Rocky Point, and came back and finished the race. That should qualify me to the Guinness world record. It looks like my GPS went haywire.

 Tracy, be afraid. Be very afraid. Either that, or pick up a copy of Runkeeper.

Fall Distance Festival

The weather gods were good to us. The skies got bluer and bluer as the 30K progressed. Adam, Lea and Lee ran the 18.6.

Lee ran a 9:14 pace. His phone registered 19.2 but other Garmins had it at 18.6 so his time (2:57:2) and pace are more representative of how he did. Lea and Adam started early to keep under the 3 hour limit for the course. They ran most of the race together. Adam was talking about an 11 minute pace before the race but we'll have to wait for the results to see how it all went. So ... Adam and Lea are Hartford full set, Lee's Newport full set and it's time to take it easy till October 12 / 13.


Results will be up at http://www.hitekracing.com/results.htm

Other friends included Kate Stoker, Emmy Stocker, Brian Fidler, Don Capone, Gail Jacques, Andie Williamson, Sherry Duff (RD Marty Schaivone's partner), Ben Mathias (DEBTICONN), Bruce Goulet (who runs 100 races / year ...) and Vin DiPalma

We of course were sorry Tracy and Brent couldn't make it this year.

Marty Schaivone and Jim Gerweck directed / timed this classic.

Brian, Dottie, Lee, Kate

 The Start


Our apologies to Adam O. for not have a photo of him. Somebody doesn't check his camera chip for running out of space and chief photographer, driver, food packer (the list goes on) Linda got a warning message and couldn't capture him. Next time, Adam. Promise. 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rose is racing!

Rose placed 3rd at the Run for Dom 5K in Newington this morning! She walked briefly every half mile and finished strong. 37 minutes and change.

 Sandra's back! Placed 2nd!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

To be, rather than to seem to be

Lani wrote to me:
My brother is the woodland firefighter in the turnout gear running through the woods.
You can share the link with anyone who might be interested. 


This has nothing to do with running. Lani's brother Ted Ralston was the sole survivor among the Hotshots and Lani told me about this video that somebody made. She did not forget to send me the link. It's about 5 minutes long. In June of this year 19 firefighters lost their lives. I expect you know this happened. I had no idea Lani's brother was a firefighter out there.

My experience watching the video was that it was a bit choppy in the streaming so you may have to let it play out and then replay it.

Thanks for sharing this Lani.


Coming soon ... !

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Welcome Adam!

Lani, Barbara, Tracy, Lea, Adam, Lee, Mike (who took it). A banner day for the Brickyarders. Together we ran about 124 miles.

OK. Adam Osmond has passed the very challenging Brickyarders membership qualifying exam and is hereby officially a Brickyarder. Few are able to meet the high standards and ... blah blah blah. Looking at this photo we notice that the average height of the group has gone way up. All good. Welcome Adam! Look for your photo on our internal running log page (click Sonic the Cat) and you may find you get sucked into posting your runs like some of us religiously do.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Call to Brickyard!

Based on feedback in the internal log it looks like the best way to go tomorrow is ... quoting Lea (the bold red is my emphasis)

"... Brickyard tomorrow at 7am (regular B-yard parking lot) for the last 20 miler before Hartford. I plan on running towards Avon/Simsbury for 12 (6 out and back) and then towards the VDP out and back for the last 8."

Tracy, Lee and Lea all have 20 in mind. Mike is going shorter so he'll probably do the first out and back and not the second.

Lani may ride down and join us somewhere on the trail.

Unfortunately Brent has been told to lay off running for a while. Ever since New Haven he's been suffering leg / ankle pain and needs to take it easy.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Call to Brickyard!

This Saturday: Start at VDP and go for from 14 to 18 miles. 7 AM start time. If you need directions to or definition of "VDP," email Lee at bradley_lee_r@sbcglobal.net. Note later than usual start time (which I'm sure will please a couple of our followers ( their names begin w/ L and they're women :) )

Sri's running Lehigh marathon on Sunday.

Best to Mr. Mike w/ his tests.

Rose is coming home tomorrow. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


We've been hearing a lot lately about 100 mile (give or take) endurance events. Diana Nyad comes to mind. Tracy comes to mind. Lani's Iron Man comes to mind. Here's another one. On Saturday, September 7th, Wanda Hodsen will begin her first century ride in Maine.

She had her bike built especially for her. There are 9 lighthouses on the route. There will be 1000 riders. It raises money for the Eastern Trail Alliance (Maine's East Coast Greenway).

This, obviously, is a huge undertaking. She has never ridden this far.

As we're runnning Brickyard this Saturday,  think of her and wish her good luck and a safe journey.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall Distance Festival

7:30 a.m. Start
Short Beach, Lordship section of Stratford
Limited to 150 runners *

This is a terrific chance for you to get in that long (or shorter) run for whatever distance you might be training for.
•A Fall Marathon: The 30k (18.6 mile) distance is a perfect length to bridge that gap from a half to a 20 miler.
Many of our runners also use this- and add on 2mi before or after- for that 20 mile goal.
With the 6 mile loop we have designed you can keep on target pace thru the whole run & enjoy water views EVERY mile!
The timing of this race also works well for virtually every October distance event.

•A Fall Half Marathon: The 20k (12.4 mile) distance gets you close enough to a half
but not spoil the fun in case you have your "first half ever" as your goal a few weeks down the road.
You'll love the FLAT roads!
•A Fall 10k or 5 miler?: We always hear the complaint "There aren't any 10k's anymore in CT!" Well here's our chance to prove that's wrong.
Not only will you encounter nary a hill, and almost no traffic, the scenery of the Lordship by the Sea neighborhood can take your mind off the workout!

• Just want a long run without the stress: That's what we will have for you- along with some company!
You will enjoy some of the flattest & most scenic roads around lower Fairfield- sans traffic on a 3-loop course that's about as easy as 30 km can be.
NOTE: The finish line will remain open until 3:06:24 (10 min. pace).
Those planning to run slower please start early - course maps available.
Again this year - Multi-distance option. Run 10, 20 or 30K - decide before or during the run!
Starts and finishes at Short Beach (same as MADD Dash).

Exit 30 Lordship Blvd. Bear right off exit. Stay on this road thru 7 lights & bear left at 7th light (about 1 mile from I-95) & continue straight!
At the last light (you will see a Dunkin Donuts/strip mall on the left) take RIGHT onto Main St.
Go approx 8/10 mile (past airport runway on right) & take next left on Dorne Rd. to Short Beach entrance. Drive to the back lot.
FROM 95 SOUTH:  Take Exit 31- South Ave. Left off exit, under 95, and proceed 1/2 mi to 4 way light.
Take right at light onto Main St. Stay straight on Main St. approx 1 mi. past airport runway (on right)
& take next left on Dorne Rd. to Short Beach entrance. Drive to the back lot.
Merritt Parkway N/S: - Get to I-95 somehow and follow directions above- it’s a lot easier…

Check-in starting 6:30 a.m. $20 post entry if runner limit hasn't been reached.
Please bring exact change or check payable to "FDF"

We'll have water, GatorAde, energy bars & gels, and food afterward

Mile & 5 km, half marathon and mile to go splits marked.
Times for all, some out of the ordinary awards & stuff.
Entry fees: $15 by September 5, $18 after, $20 race day.
Click below for a printable application to mail:

Or register online right now and save the stamp, a few bucks, and the hassle - it makes it a lot easier for us, too

Never, Ever, Give Up

Every so often we need to step back and try to fully comprehend what the word "endurance" truly means.

Never, Ever, Give Up.

Monday, September 2, 2013

New Haven 2013

7000+ runners (including the kids run) participated in the 36th annual New Haven Road Races. 3500 5K and 2500 20K. The weather was muggy for sure but there was no rain and it was not warm.

Tracy surprised even herself, finishing in 1:41:03 (8:09 pace), an 8 minute PR. Brent crossed in 1:44 (8:23 pace). Lee eaked out a 3rd in his division with a 1:57:09 (9:27 pace).

Lea and Mike ran and I don't yet have their times. Barbara ran the 20K with Dave and I don't know their times either.

Lani passed me early. Way to go Lani. 

Bill Tribou and Jeannette Cyr did the 5K. I don't know their times but I do know Jeannette placed 2nd.

Tom Walsh, Emmy Stocker, Frank Collela, Catherine Lyons, Peter Hawley, Andie Williamson, Neil Mandel, Brian Fidler, Jerry Shimoda-Peterson, Jo Marchetti and Gail Jaques were other friends that ran the 20K.

The photos were taken by Linda Bradley, the best there is.

Jeannette Cyr, Peter Hawley

Bill Tribou

Lee Bradley

Jo Marchetti

Mike Taricani

 Jerry Shimoda-Peterson

Dave Condit

 Barbara Kream

Tracy Vroeginday, Emmy Stocker, Frank Collela, John Gibbons, Lee Bradley

  Gail Jaques, Neil Mandel, Andie Williamson, Jeannette Trujillo