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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Brent nails it. Taricani runs Willington PTA 5k.

I guess "Slackin'" no longer applies. Mr Stratton emailed me :

Lee, I ran a 7:54 pace on a warm morning (low 70's??). Caught Peter H. last mile and beat him by a few seconds.

He ran the Delaney Dash 4 miler this morning, a very competitive race.

Looks like Mike did a 5k this morning. Willington PTA 5k.

3.10 mi Distance 26:59 Time 159 ft Elev Gain 8:43 min/mi Avg Pace 472 C


Your blog manager is not racing these days. Did take in the Memorial Day Parade in Newington after an easy 3+. Learned from the father of my tutee that this is the largest parade in all of Connecticut. Spotted Erin at the head of the Marching Band and Robyn Errickson and her son (Kenpo Karate).


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Three Days at the Fair / Newington Library 5K / Bobby's Run


Tray texts:

"Joe did 176 miles in 72 hours. Not quite as much as his 201 from last year BUT he RAN the last 15 miles at a sub-9 pace."

"Placed 1st female, though there were only 3 other females who ran and at different times so technically not able to place. I did 34 miles in 6 hours and the closest female to me did 25. 1st male had 38 miles, so not too shabby.


Brent ran an excellent 5k (23 and change) this morning in Newington. Bob Dacey and Paul Dicke joined the very competitive 60s runners.   


30 Bob Dacey       67M  M6069 Vernon CT        22:58  7:23   4/16   53
39 Paul Dickie      63M  M6069 Newington CT   23:45  7:38   5/16   56
41 Brent Stratton  60M M6069  Middletown CT 23:47 7:39   6/16  197


Mike ran Bobby's run on Saturday. This is an 8 miler.

27 Taricani Michael M 169 01:21:05