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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug Ultras April 26 2015

No distance left behind: Tray crushed the 100K, Lea PRd the 50K and Mike was on fire in the last loop of the 50 mile. Joe Laskey and Ian Laskey ran the 100K and 50K.

Lee ran a loop with Tray and a loop and a half with Mike. He took this shot of Kate Stoker et al at the Monkey stand. Kate ran a marathon the day before.

Joe Laskey


50 mile


Linda took these shots.

 Lea coming in

Lee pacing Mike 

 Lee pacing Tray

Lou Loban and Dan Lee finishing 50 miles

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Tracy Zagata 3:54:05
Sri Bodkhe 3:39:15
Michelle Bosco 4:10:10
John Minervino 3:11:43
Meb Keflezighi 2:12:42

Other heroes ...


Friday, April 17, 2015

Canterbury, Traprock, Boston

We wish Mike a safe 17K at Traprock tomorrow and Tray and Sri a great Boston experience on Monday. Lee and Laurie are doing Canterbury 5K tomorrow. Next weekend, Ultras! Joe, Tray 100K, Mike 50 mile, Lea 50K. Lee'll run at least one loop with each Brickyarder. Have a great weekend everybody.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Salem, Lyme and beyond

David Schreitr - Laurie von Schmidt - Lee Bradley - Karen Prado - Mark Flynn
Elizabeth Hackley - Megan Thompson

 Salem 5K

Mike Taricani ran the Lyme 5K as did a mess of 169ers. Many of them headed north and ran Salem 5K. Karen Prado and Bob Ward were in front of Lee at the finish. 8:14 pace for Lee, 2nd in the 70's. This is an age-graded race so no regular divisions. Laurie von Schmidt was one of the Lyme / Salem doublers. She's doing the Chicken run tomorrow in Vernon. Make that tripler.

Wanda is pace leading tomorrow at the Middletown 1/2.

Bob Ward 

Joe Balavander and Lee Bradley, duking it out at finish.

Mark Turkington

Ray Prest

The thorn / two roses shot of the day. Karen Prado, Lee and Laurie von Schmidt.

The Amigos. We WON the Team award!

Mark Turkington, Bill Schwarz, RD Rick Konon, Bob Ward, Lee Bradley, Ray Prest