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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sea Legs Shuffle

Here are some pix Linda took today. She volunteered at two spots and photographed many friends. There were about 450 runners in the 10 mile and 300 in the 5k. The rain held off but it was super muggy.

Bruce Christensen

 John Minervino

Brian Fidler

Tim Hawley

Erin Roberts Barbara Pierce Susan Beno

 Hildie Heck

Stephanie Einsiedel Diana Cohen

Lee Bradley

A beautiful building and weather vane

He got me in the last 200 yards

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Scottish Rite

Tray was 1st in her division. 2nd overall woman. Brent really placed 1st in his division but due to the race starting a bit early and his warming up and starting a bit late he officially placed 3rd. It's two deep but Platt software lists top 3 so Lee managed to get in the division list; Don Smith was 1st and Carl Fuller 2nd. Lee almost got beat by the legendary Tom Butterfield. Lee chatted w/ RD Jeff Flynn and suggested he should probably bump his price up by $5. These days $15 and you get a shirt is too cheap. Tom Walsh ran well. Nice to see Miguel Ramirez and his wife Cindy Jacobs. Brent's in trouble next year; Miguel turns 60. Rubber match next week @ Old Wethersfield: Brent is hereby directed to be at the start line 5 minutes in advance, have his Garmin connected and give Ms Zagata a run for her money. Linda took a gazillion pix.

169 Strong #1

169 Strong #2

169 Strong #3


The Start #1

The Start #2

The Start #3

The Start #4

The Start #5

The Start #6

The Start #7

Miguel Ramirez

Paul (The Great) Baldini (1 town to go)

Tracy Zagata #1 (in her division, #2 overall woman)

Don Smith (#1 70+)

Brent Stratton

Tom Walsh

Carl Fuller

Lee Bradley #1

Lee Bradley #2

Coach Tom Butterfield (80 years young)

Tom Butterfield

The Brickyarders #1

The Brickyarders #2

The Brickyarders #3


Tracy Zagata #1

Tracy Zagata #2

Tracy Zagata #3

Paul Baldini

Miguel Ramirez

Don Smith

Carl Fuller

Carl Fuller

Tom Butterfield