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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Delaney Dash

As a "warm up" for the East Hartford Memorial Mile on Monday Lee managed 14th in age at the Delaney Dash 4 Mile in Old Saybrook on Saturday. Pace was 7:25. Check out the expressions on the faces of the two young boys that left him in the dust as we finished.

Linda took pictures which you may see here.

Today, May 30th, is the Vermont City Marathon and Relay and we wish all participants the best of luck.

Looking forward to hearing what Team Primal Force's better half put together on Saturday.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bike Run Bike, Run Bike Run

Rose and Lee were off to the race in Elizabeth Park, hoping to hear their update soon.

I decided to make make a little adventure of the Sat morning Brickyard Run, I left a little after six on my old trail bike from the northern section of the rail to trail which is near our house. I had the most beautiful ride into the rising sun, saw all sorts of wildlife. I had my camera so I took all kinds of great shots along the way. I thought it would be a 10 mile ride, it was more like 20! I chained my bike to a tree in the woods, and then met Barbara and her husband, we ran for several miles, then I picked up my bike and headed home.

When I got to the Sandscreen Road section in Avon, there appeared to be some sort of fire dept drill going on, and one of the LifeStar helicopters was coming in for a landing. I got a few great shots, and rode away quick when the rotor wash swept the trail. Round trip it was just over 40 miles, run included, so that was Bike Run Bike.

On a side note, wanted to post my photos from the ride here, but somehow, all 157 photos on my memory card were deleted!!!

This am's workout started in Glastonbury, for the Shamrock Duathlon: 5K run, 26K bike, 5K run. I ran 25 and 26 minute 5K's. My legs were very tired on the bike, and little kids on mountain bikes were passing me. It was quite pathetic. This was balanced by some pretty decent running, I think I passed about 30 people or more in the second 5K. I am getting more and more used to running after biking. But, I was really happy to have the opportunity to work out some of the gearing issues with my bike, hydration and nutrition issues, and smooth out the transitions. All in all, I think those things and my general overall pacing strategy was a lot better in this event than in my last triathlon.
And that was my Run Bike Run.

Next week????
There's the Old Saybrook Race, and a 5K right near my house in Bloomfield. However, I may just try to get in some good brick workouts in ppreparation for the tri.



Live from the Shamrock Duathlon. Run-bike-run!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kevin's Run

Late Breaking!

Rose has found a 5K that's taking place near Elizabeth Park @ 10 a.m. this Saturday, May 22. I know the timer (Vandalay Timing) and love the area so I'm registering.

Paper registration will be available on race day from 8-10am. Please email questions to Lynne Reznick at remil001@hartfordschools.org

Click the map for a larger view.

The race starts with a loop around the track and then exits out onto Elizabeth St and takes a sharp left onto Whitney. The course then loops around onto Asylum Ave, turns left onto Prospect and cuts through the west end until it hooks onto Elizabeth and then Asylum. Take a sharp left onto Kenyon, then turn Right onto Elizabeth to re-enter the park for the finish at the baseball field.

From the sponsoring school's website I found the following:

Classical Magnet School Sponsors "Kevin's Run"

Looking for a way to provide community service to a good cause? Are you willing to be generous to a needy and well deserving individual? Are you prepared to run or walk the 5k track? Consider joining the energetic Ms. Lynne Reznick and her volunteers’ crew at the third annual Kevin’s Run 5k. For all the facts, visit


The race kicks off at 10am on Saturday, May 22 at Elizabeth Park. Start your day at the Kevin's Run before heading to the annual Hog River Fest on our campus.

"Fee for students is $5 and for adults it’s $20. We will give out a copious amounts of awards around 11:15 am and be wrapped up in time for the start of the Hog River Festival at noon," explained Ms. Reznick. "Last year we almost doubled the number of participants, and I would love to do that again this year."

Volunteers may assist Ms Reznick the week or two before the race or on race day. She needs help hanging signs in and around the school and in your own neighborhood, as well as with race day registration, course marshaling, and setup/cleanup. What a great way to help a the family of Classical Magnet junior Kevin Mendez who battled leukemia. He and his family appreciate your support.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Avon 5K

Congratulations to Lee, Rose, Mary!!

Lee accomplished his time goal, Rose placed, and Mary ran her first 5K ever, history was made this morning!!!

Another congratulations is in order to my mother, Nancy Ralston who returned to the roads after a 15 year hiatus. She skipped the popular Couch to 5K programs that are sweeping the nation, and just up and ran a 5K!!! I am so proud of her. She is talking about buying a new pair of running shoes, I think we've got another budding runner in the midst...

After the Brickyarder's 8 miler yesterday, I came home and did a 50+ mile bike ride (my Garmin battery died at the end so not sure how far it really was.)

I woke up this am SORE from my neck down. Ouch. I was determined to get my mom out for this 5K so I gutted it out anyway, and was basically hoping to get in a decently paced training run after a long ride. By mile 2 I felt like the proverbial animal that track runners speak of had jumped on my back. My arms, shoulders, and legs were drained. I ran a slow 24:30, and jogged back to mile 2 to re-run the last mile with my mom. It was so awesome to see her do this.

I felt in need of redemption after that 24:30, so I went for a 4 mile jog, then a 16 mile bike ride trying to keep my speed up around 17 miles per hour.

My training methods have been haphazard and un-scientific to say the least. Weekends have been rather Greg Lemond-ish: just beat your body down without any real plan and see what happens. Weekdays have found me sapped of strenght begging for mercy at the hospital, crying about all trials and tribulations of practing medicine without the perks. [Word to the wise, if you're thinking about being a mid-level: APRN, PA whatever, look before you leap!!]

This week, I am going to turn over a new leaf and jump in on week T-3 of an acutal half iron man training plan, then it's all about the MDI Half Marathon program.

Next week's challenge: Shamrock Duathlon, 5K Run/Bike ??distance/ 5KRun. It's an HMF event...I wonder what percentage of my income I give to Beth each year!!

Congrats Mary and Mom!

Newington Library 5K Challenge - The Real Deal

Newington Library 5K Challenge - May 16, 2010

Complete Results

My friend Mary completed her first 5K this morning. A banner day. We're already talking about Delaney Dash, Saturday morning runs @ Brickyard, runs w/ her son etc. etc. etc. Flo Dickie, Rose, Mark Turkington, Mary, Linda & I came back to our place and celebrated w/ quiche, mimosas, Rose's banana bread, fruit etc. A downright perfect weather day. I accomplished my sub 23 minute goal (by 2 seconds). Flo and Rose placed 1 & 2.

Friends who ran

19 Keron Smith 34F F3039 Manchester CT 20:43 20:41 6:40 1/30 131

29 Peter Drakopoulos 40M M4049 21:22 21:21 6:53 8/35 181

38 Paul Dickie 57M M5059 Newington CT 22:14 22:10 7:10 5/17 7

40 Mark Turkington 66M M6069 Bolton CT 22:21 22:20 7:12 1/12 183

41 Yvonne Rubin 43F F4049 East Haddam CT 22:26 22:24 7:14 1/21 182

48 Lee Bradley 68M M6069 Newington CT 22:58 22:57 7:24 2/12 42

51 Larry Chaves 65M M6069 WEST HARTFORD Ct 23:01 23:00 7:25 3/12 165

53 Josie Ceulemans 49F F4049 East Haddam CT 23:06 23:04 7:27 2/21 180

94 Joan Munroe 55F F5059 Newington CT 26:04 25:59 8:24 2/20 192

104 Flo Dickie 61F F6069 Newington CT 26:46 26:42 8:38 1/7 6

111 Stacy Dickie 23F F2029 Newington CT 27:07 27:03 8:44 4/12 5

115 Rose Famiglietti 61F F6069 WH CT 27:28 27:26 8:51 2/7 174

120 Chester Lau 53M M5059 W. Hartford CT 27:49 27:40 8:58 10/17 56

121 Richard Zbrozek 63M M6069 Berlin CT 27:50 27:48 8:58 7/12 205

210 Mary Almy 47F F4049 Rocky Hill CT 36:55 36:46 11:54 15/21 147

216 Jeanette Cyr 75F F70++ Kensington CT 38:57 38:51 12:33 2/3 16

LBrad  Photos
by LBrad  Photos

Paul, Lee, Mary, Stacy, Flo, Rose

Chris Chisholm - overall winner



Linda, Mark

Josie - winner

Mark - winner, Stacy - winner, Paul, Flo - winner

Paul, Mark, Lee

Nicole Lacasse - winner, Joseph Santos - winner

Keron - winner

Joan - winner


Rose - winner


Avon 5k live update

Mylaps timing system. The chip is in the number. My first time running with this technology

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Newington Library 5K practice run

I ran the Newington Library 5K Challenge course this morning and wore my Garmin. If you click the image you can see the details. Am heading up to Brickyard tomorrow to do about 8 at 7:30 am.

There's a 5K in West Hartford on June 13th that my brother's got scheduled.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Homemade Energy Gel

After this weekend's biking, running, and swimming I took Monday off of training--hoping to prevent burnout, overtraining, and injury.

I've been thinking about my energy needs during my upcoming Half Ironman attempt. Tri seems to require very different energy management than running, I think because it involves all three sports. During the race you really have to work hard to keep your heart rate low and your energy reserves high in a way that is actually supringsly foreign to me even after 18 full marathons.

Gels seem like a good solution, but truthfully they don't seem to be that natural. I can read through the ingredients on the package no problem, but then again my first undergraduate degree was in chemistry....

So here's a recipe I came up with, if it works in training I'll probably try to get some kind of cheap Fuel Belt knock-off to carry the stuff with me. I think it's a pretty good mix- the molasses provides the potassium and sugar, honey provides more sugar, and the nut butter some protein and fat. In the next batch I might add a little caffeine and some chia seeds (favorite of the Tamahumara running tribe--proabably not spelled right I know):

3 tbs of blackstrap molasses
2 tbs of honey
1 1/2 tbs sunflower seed butter, could use peanut butter or almond butter
1 tbs water
1 pinch of salt
If desired add chia seeds or caffeine.

Microwave the above for 30 seconds for easier mixing and pour into your Fuel Belt Flask. Refrigerate until needed. Enjoy on the run or bike.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

76 miles

First, congratulations to Lee, Rose and other the other HTC/Brickyarders at the Race in the Park. Awesome times and great photos.

I had originally planned to run a small 5K in Barkhamstead on Saturday since it is near my home town. However, I woke up and we had thunder, lightning, and heavy rains. I was not sure if a small race like that would still be held under such conditions, so I made it a training weekend instead.

Sat am I ran 10 miles northbound on the trail to the Massachusetts border. Despite the thunder and lightening, I actually saw 9 other runners out there, which is about 8 more than I would have seen in the pre-economic downturn days. Are we in the fourth running boom?????

In the afternoon it cleared up a bit and took the beutiful Cannondale Synapse carbon bike I purchased for a song at the end of last season out for a 34 mile ride.

I followed that up this am with a very windy, and cold 25 miler. Several times, I was blown off course but luckily the wind did not blow me completely over. Next was a 6 mile interval run. And when the pool opened this afternoon I swam a little over a mile. I think that all adds up to about 76 miles.

This was all in preparation for the Rev 3 Half Ironman on June 6, which I am registered for but severly untrained. I am thinking now with a couple of solid weeks I could probably finish. So I'm going to plan on doing just that, going out nice and slow and doing my own thing. The race looks to be heavily dominated by Pros, so I'm just going to concentrate on my own thing and not get blown off course!! We shall see what happens.

Anyway, here are some other misc tidbits:

Summer racing- have been looking around at Hi-Tek Racing, New England Runner, and HTC calendars. Think I've got a good schedule mapped out for the summer, including a few favorite races that are not usually heavily advertised:

Brodie Park Run around the Lake, May 29

Space Race 5K- pretty cool, you run right on the tarmac around airforce jets at Bradley Airport. Flat and fast, July 17

Corporate 5K in Hartford, August 12 6:30 pm

Lobster Loop 5 K, Canton August 15- has good vibes for me, since it goes through the neighborhoods where I grew up

People's Forest 7 miler- Trail run, used to picnic there with my parents when I was young, good memories

Holcomb Farm 10k- probably won't run given that the Tri is the next day, but may go and volunteer at this hilly run in Granby

Litchfield Hills Olypmic Dist Triathlon August 22

Granby 5K Sept 19th- goes through my current neighborhood

**Highland Lake 10k- goes around Highland Lake in Winsted. This was actually my intro to running, my mother was designing the race T-shirt and I guess I'm a sucker for adversising. As a 14 year old kid, I trained and raced this event, my fist race ever 26 years ago!!!!!

Training ideas-
In breif, I am eating a fully organic and vegetarian diet. No processed foods, no chemicals, dyes, artificial sweeteners, ect. and feeling great.
Will keep up on the stretching. I am going to try and follow a1/2 marathon training program this summer from the book Training Plans for Multisport Athletes by Gail Burnhart. Instead of doing interval training at 90%MHR as I have done in the past, I am going to concentrate on doing my faster runs at just below threshold pace hoping to complete more and longer intervals in a given session. I'm also going to keep up with the kettlebell training and stretching to see if a little in season strenght and flexibility helps me out.

Looking ahead-

Hoping the group can be together on Saturday morning. I think about half the group will be at the Newington 5K, and the other half at the Avon 5K.

Hopefully everyone's injuries start to improve, and we can all have a great spring and summer of running.

Thanks to everyone from the Brickyard/HTC group, I love hearing the race reports, running with such great peopele: you are all very inspiring.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Race in the Park

Race in the Park - Walnut Hill Park - New Britain, CT -
May 8, 2010


It was a little rainy (despite Carmen's assurances it would miss us) and was in fact really heavy rain after both 5Ks were over and we were walking to Judi's car to head home. Amanda was working in the registration area for this one. Lee spotted Peter P. and his daughter (her 1st race ever) about 20 minutes before the men's 5K. Peter did a 22 and change, better than he predicted. Lee somehow squeaked out 3rd in age w/ a 23:49. Bob Dacey did it in 20 and change.

Lee ran the 2nd 5K w/ Judi and Rose and took a few pix along the way. Not too many women in the 60-69 age group. Rose and Judi crossed in 27 and change. Libera, just back from Italy, walked it. Jeannette Cyr, who is 76 (I think), finished it. Rumor has it she does 18 on the weekends and will be doing Vermont City this year. Impressive.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Granby 10K

Race Report:

The race started at 1:00pm on this unseasonably HOT day.  It was over 80F on the pavement when the race started on Rte. 10 and ran straight down the center of town.  After about mile 1 we hit the hills, and then by mile 3 or so we were into the MacLean Game Refuge for some gnarly trail running.  The last mile and a half was at a slight uphill grade, but the heat was the biggest obstacle. 

The race turned out to be one of attrition, A young girl who nearly won the race outright was taken to the hospital after collapsing 200 ft from the finish. I had some trouble with the heat at the end, but am happy most of all to report my leg was achy and sore but really not painful.  I am back in business!!  My race time was slow-  a little over 53 minutes, I think everyone else's was kind of slow too though.  I was third place overall for women, and the first female finisher from Granby, I took an age division prize too.  So for $20.00 I was able to enter, and came home with a check for $25.00, a bottle of wine, a trophy, and a hat.  And, I did not even have to drive there.

 I saw a bunch of people I knew- Kathy and Linda from work, Erling Scmidt, my old roomate from my college years Annette,  and Peter Hawley.  A guy who grew up on the same street as me, Steve, was the paramedic on standby for the race.  I shot some video there- it's a short clip 17 seconds long, but I don't know how to post it.  Any ideas???

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Test. Pic from 2009- Red Dress 5K.  This pic was in my cell phone from a year ago.  I had to go through hoops and barrels, shoots and ladders at goblogger.com to disassociate my cell phone from my old blog and get everything sent over here...Don't ask me to do that again!  Anyway this will allow for mobile blogging *Live* from the races this summer.  Lee, see if you can add your cell phone too!

Lani's Traning Update

Saturday Morining Run

This morning, we had a nice group which consisted of Rose, Lee, David, Barbara, and Lani who took off from Brickyard Road in Farmington and the 4+ miles to Unionville and back.  It was rumored that Rose ran an additional 30 or 40 miles as she is training for her Avon 26/13 run in October--but those rumors have not been confirmed yet!

Injury and Treatment
Last week, I gave my right leg a little rest and used the eliptical at the gym (not really sure how that machine is supposed to provide any kind of workout because on level 24 my heart rate was still in the 130's) I also started doing some of the step by step treatments for piraformis syndrome and hamstring pull from the Sportsmedicine Patient Advisor, which is a great book I have used with injured patients in clinical practice.  I have progessed nicely through all the presecribed exercises and an happy to report that I am relatively pain free after this morning's group run at Brickyard Road.   It sure feels good to back in business. 

So I guess with yesterday's birthday cake and the training reduction, I probably won't be the winner again this week Biggest Loser competition at work.  Oh well, there's 10 weeks to go...

Since my leg is feeling better, I'm hoping to rev up my training a little with some core and strength work.  I really despise any type of weights, but have really found kettlebells to be a perfect fit.  I am learning a bunch of the exercises and having fun with it.

This afternoon, I was able to ride about 20 miles of the greenway trail with my mother, we rode northbound from the Granby, CT section to Southwick, MA.  They are currently paving beyond Southwick towards South Hampton, MA.

Racing Update
If my leg is ok tommorow morning, I will head over to the Granby 10K.  It is held within walking distance from my house, so I would really like to make it if possible.  If it works out, I will try to send a picture from my cell phone to the blog for a *live race update*. We'll see what happens.

New Ideas
I have a few new ideas that I think will complement my training and racing really well, and I will try to put together some details on these items in a mid-week update, I am hoping that others may find them useful too.