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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Tracy Zagata 3:54:05
Sri Bodkhe 3:39:15
Michelle Bosco 4:10:10
John Minervino 3:11:43
Meb Keflezighi 2:12:42

Other heroes ...


Friday, April 17, 2015

Canterbury, Traprock, Boston

We wish Mike a safe 17K at Traprock tomorrow and Tray and Sri a great Boston experience on Monday. Lee and Laurie are doing Canterbury 5K tomorrow. Next weekend, Ultras! Joe, Tray 100K, Mike 50 mile, Lea 50K. Lee'll run at least one loop with each Brickyarder. Have a great weekend everybody.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Salem, Lyme and beyond

David Schreitr - Laurie von Schmidt - Lee Bradley - Karen Prado - Mark Flynn
Elizabeth Hackley - Megan Thompson

 Salem 5K

Mike Taricani ran the Lyme 5K as did a mess of 169ers. Many of them headed north and ran Salem 5K. Karen Prado and Bob Ward were in front of Lee at the finish. 8:14 pace for Lee, 2nd in the 70's. This is an age-graded race so no regular divisions. Laurie von Schmidt was one of the Lyme / Salem doublers. She's doing the Chicken run tomorrow in Vernon. Make that tripler.

Wanda is pace leading tomorrow at the Middletown 1/2.

Bob Ward 

Joe Balavander and Lee Bradley, duking it out at finish.

Mark Turkington

Ray Prest

The thorn / two roses shot of the day. Karen Prado, Lee and Laurie von Schmidt.

The Amigos. We WON the Team award!

Mark Turkington, Bill Schwarz, RD Rick Konon, Bob Ward, Lee Bradley, Ray Prest

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Monroe Pi Day 5K

72Laurie Von Schmidt182F40+27:30.258:5227:34.518:52
73Lee Bradley210M40+27:30.828:5227:34.748:52

Mike ran a short one in Roxbury and then showed up and beat Lee at Monroe. Hmmm. The weather was better than forecast. Lee nursed his right calf throughout the race and crossed with Laurie von Schmidt. She got him by a full 0.57 seconds. Course was a tad short. A few hills.

The registration area and the awards area were plastered with pi posters done by the kids. The money raised will go into the Kathy Kuhl Memorial Fund. Kathy was a math teacher at Masuk High School.

Photos by Linda Bradley

We all received "dog tags" with her name, the number pi out to a respectable number of decimal places and the name and date of the race. The T shirt had a very cool Pi Guy and Pi Gal (see above) design by Hayley McClure. Bob Dacey gave Lee his shirt (Lee signed up race day (no shirt)). The divisions in the race included 40+ for men and women. Hmmm. Lee chatted with the RD Mary Ahlers who did a great job with the pie eating contest, prize raffle and awards. This was the first race they'd ever done and they were looking for feedback.

 The 169 Society was well represented. What a great influence on racing this group is having.

Brian Walker, 169 Society. He lives in Monroe.

Mike Taricani

Lee, Laurie von Schmidt 

Posters, Texters and ...

 The great Pie Eating Contest which started at, of course, 3:14

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Collinsville and Bolton

Lani and Lea did an outstanding job designing, marking, timing, and photographing the new 7 mile out and back Collinsville HTC Winter Series 7 mile run. Kelsey Cabral made his annual appearance! Rich Fargo came in first. We learned from him that he runs and has run for about 40 years 60 miles per week. He runs to work and back home. 4 miles each way. Thru the woods. Barbara ran about 5 and hung out with Linda. Wanda and Michelle did this one and Bolton. Lee pulled a right calf muscle at the tail end while dukin' it out w/ Michelle and decided not to run Bolton.

Bolton had about 300 runners. RD Dani Kennedy said during the awards that just a few years ago the race attracted fewer than 40 people or so. Lee took lots of pictures. Karen Prado and Michelle Bosco crossed together ... sooo good that Karen was able to run it. The race started w/ an awesome snow squall!

 Adam Osmond (2nd of 3 races run this day!)

 Shannon Bowen Kievman

 Wanda Hodsen

 Michael Taricani

Karen Prado

 Lori Riley

Michelle Bosco

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Double Trouble: Collinsville 7 miler @ 10, Bolton 5 miler @ 1

I know at least three crazies who'll be running two races this Sunday. That would be Ms Wanda Hodsen and Ms Michelle Bosco. I am the third. Karen Prado'll be at Bolton. Adam Fleisher will be at Bolton. He wrote to me the other day ...

"There are 2 hills. At least that is what I have been told. (My first time running Bolton). The second hill is the one that gets everyone. Most people think there is one hill and they tackle this hill and leave very little energy for the second one. Hopefully this is helpful...Again this is what I was told."

The Collinsville race is a 7 miler, out and back. Lani Ralston is the RD. Plenty of time to scoot over to Bolton and run the 5 miler. Kathy Manizza is the RD. I have never run Bolton but know there has been a regular training run on the course for the last couple of months.

Here's Lani's write-up on the new Collinsville course.

Sunday, March 8, 10 AM, Collinsville Winter Run, 7 miles, Lani Ralston, laniralston@msn.com, 860 392-8063, Lea Crown, leacrown@gmail.com

This challenging out and back run starts from the former Collins Company Axe and Machete factory parking, winds along a hilly loop past the historic district of town, along the river, and into Avon before the turnaround. Collinsville Rails To Trails Parking Lot, Route 179 (Main Street). From Farmington take Route 4 West through Unionville, straight onto Route 179, right at stop sign, across bridge to factory on right. From Winsted take Route 44 East, right onto Route 179 South, straight at traffic light, right at stop sign, left after kayak store to factory.

Lee Bradley

Monday, March 2, 2015