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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sam Elpern Memorial Half Marathon (Norwalk Half), the last race in the Lightfoot Running series


Lea, Mike and Lee ran the Norwalk Half at 8 AM this morning. Weather was coldish (yay!) and 249 ran it!

Lea added 3 miles at the end and did a 2:10. Mike bettered his New Haven 20k big time (a shorter race) and did a 2:03. Lee did 1:50.

Tray tackled Traprock with Wanda, Michelle Bosco and Michael Lo Presti.

Here's what Linda took.

Lee, Lea, Mike (and yes, Lee's bib is a prime)

RD Don Capone

Brian Fidler

Lee Bradley

Neil Mandel

Marty Schaivone and Ronnie Behringer

Andie Willamson

Mike Taricani

Lea Crown

Brian Fidler

Rob Fryer and Lee Bradley (he let me catch up at the end)

The Trinamic Trio: Rob Fryer, Neil Mandel, Lee Bradley

Andie Williamson

Neil Mandel (Lee couldn't catch him)

Rob Fryer and Brian Fidler

Lee and Linda Bradley (taken by Mike Taricani)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More awesome pix from the 2014 New Haven 20k

Note: Lani made me aware of the first picture in this series. Note the gal on the left who decided to see what running a 5 minute mile felt like. She lasted about a city block. All pix come from the New Haven Register.  
New Haven 20k 2014

Lead pack plus 1

Tim Milenkevich

Patrick Pezzati

Mary-Lynn Currier

Bill Thramann

John Minervino

Chris Deming

Sara Belles

Wendy Ku

Catherine Lyons

Brian Fidler

Janis Grant

Neil Mandel

Lee Bradley

Peter Hawley

Barbara Pearce

John Courtmanche

Lea Crown

Lani Ralston

Monday, September 1, 2014

New Haven 5k and 20k

We're talkin' HOT!

Lani, Mike, Rose, Lea, Lee, Steve Mele

Steve's not a Brickyarder and Lee's not a Run 169 Towns Society. But, deep down, we're members of the other group. We're runners. 

Here are the results:


All the pictures here were taken by Linda Bradley.

Barbara Kream completed the 20k wearing Dave's bib #52. Linda and Lee are real sorry they were not there to greet her at the finish line. Well done Barbara!!!

 Barbara Kream and family

Rose placed 3rd in her division in the 5k.10:18 pace. Impressive.

Rose Famiglietti

Lee placed first but the guy he usually chases was obviously off today and was something like 15 minutes back. Not sure what happened. Lee and Andy Zyrek and Neil Mandel were side by side in the last mile or so. They got him in the end.

Neil Mandel

Larry Regan killed it with a 1:30:19. 7:16 pace.

 Larry Regan


Mike Taricani
Lani Ralston
 Lee Bradley

Kate Stoker

Lea Crown

Bill Tribou, 93

Bill, Mike and Lee

Paul Couzelis had a bunch of people over to his and Nancy's house in Stratford after.

Paul Couzelis

Jo Marchetti ran it

Jo Marchetti