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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Scottish Rite

Tray was 1st in her division. 2nd overall woman. Brent really placed 1st in his division but due to the race starting a bit early and his warming up and starting a bit late he officially placed 3rd. It's two deep but Platt software lists top 3 so Lee managed to get in the division list; Don Smith was 1st and Carl Fuller 2nd. Lee almost got beat by the legendary Tom Butterfield. Lee chatted w/ RD Jeff Flynn and suggested he should probably bump his price up by $5. These days $15 and you get a shirt is too cheap. Tom Walsh ran well. Nice to see Miguel Ramirez and his wife Cindy Jacobs. Brent's in trouble next year; Miguel turns 60. Rubber match next week @ Old Wethersfield: Brent is hereby directed to be at the start line 5 minutes in advance, have his Garmin connected and give Ms Zagata a run for her money. Linda took a gazillion pix.

169 Strong #1

169 Strong #2

169 Strong #3


The Start #1

The Start #2

The Start #3

The Start #4

The Start #5

The Start #6

The Start #7

Miguel Ramirez

Paul (The Great) Baldini (1 town to go)

Tracy Zagata #1 (in her division, #2 overall woman)

Don Smith (#1 70+)

Brent Stratton

Tom Walsh

Carl Fuller

Lee Bradley #1

Lee Bradley #2

Coach Tom Butterfield (80 years young)

Tom Butterfield

The Brickyarders #1

The Brickyarders #2

The Brickyarders #3


Tracy Zagata #1

Tracy Zagata #2

Tracy Zagata #3

Paul Baldini

Miguel Ramirez

Don Smith

Carl Fuller

Carl Fuller

Tom Butterfield