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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Peoples State Forest


According to Tom Buckley and others, it was 11 below 0 Fahrenheit (w/ wind chill) before the race started. 55 people ran. Mike Taricani volunteered, helping out at the finish line and taking pictures. He sent the following this way:

Ken Owen, Lani Ralston, Tracy Vroeginday, Lee Bradley, Rose Famiglietti and Brent Stratton ran a variety of distances. Brent & Ken did the certified 8.5+ and Tray and Lee the certified 17+. I think Lani managed a way to run 15, Rose about 10.

Bekkie Wright and Joe Poloquin, Kc Klett, Todd Brown, Marc Robaczynski, Jerry Shimoda-Peterson, Norlean Litwinka, and Kelly Gallagher ran. Norlean distributed race applications for the May 20th 5K race in Naugatuck in her son's memory. Please support her effort. The Michael Litwinka IV Memorial Run enhances the public's awareness about asthma and funds critical research.

David Reik handled the timing  and Linda handled the driving and cookie delivery and played 2nd fiddle to Mike T. in the photography department.

Yours truly, Usain Bolt wannabe proved himself totally unworthy, placing dead last in 2:43:11. Tray

ran well but missed beating her last year time by a few seconds. I expect the cold and her feeling a little sick in the last 4 contributed. Rose's feet were frozen for the first 4 or so miles.

So ... time to shower up (done), put comfy clothes on (done), maybe get a fire going in the fireplace, think of something you want to do and relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax.


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